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Gorgeous Baby Gift Ideas

Written by Vanessa on May 30th, 2017.      0 comments

It can be hard to find the perfect baby shower or new baby gift.  You want something that both bubs & the new parents will love, i.e non noisy!

The stunning toy range from Weegoamigo is perfect.  

The handmade, yes you read that correctly, handmade! crochet rattles are so cute with striking colours & textures and they are the perfect size for teensy tiny hands to hold.  Plus they are machine washable which is an added bonus for parents!

Weegoamigo Crochet Rattle - Icy Icecream - Lifestyle 1
Weegoamigo Icy Icecream Crochet Rattle
Weegoamigo Crochet Rattle - Unique Unicorn - Lifestyle
Weegoamigo Unique Unicorn Crochet Rattle

A perfect cuddly companion for a little poppet is one of the gorgeous characters from the Weegoamigo Pearl Knit range. One of these would be sure to become the lucky recipient's best friend for life!
They are specially woven to be tactile which makes them perfect for cuddles & they have a weighted bottom which allows them to sit so they can look beautiful on a shelf when they aren't being cuddled & they can attend tea parties with their new best friend.

Weegoamigo Pearl Knit Toy - Monkey - Lifestyle 2
Weegoamigo Monkey Pearl Knit Toy
Weegoamigo Pearl Knit Toy - Lamb - Lifestyle 2
Weegoamigo Lamb Pearl Knit Toy

Check out the whole adorable range here

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When should I start wearing a Maternity bra?

Written by Vanessa on May 11th, 2017.      0 comments

A question you may be asking yourself if you have just found out you are expecting a new addition to your family!

New Season Lamington Merino Socks!

Written by Vanessa on April 7th, 2017.      0 comments

Just in time for the colder weather, our shipment of new season Lamington merino socks have arrived, yay!

We love Lamington socks here at Belly Beyond, in fact everyone in our office owns at least a few pairs!

Made in New Zealand from 70% fine merino wool, these are the ultimate socks to keep feet & legs toasty warm on chilly days.
They are knee-length & are the only socks around for little ones that will actually stay on & stay up.

An essential item for newborns, they are a must have for your hospital bag.  They also make a gorgeous baby shower or new baby gift.

These socks are not just for babies though, we have kid sizes up to 4-6 years, plus we have a fab range for Mum too!

Have a look at the cool new colours for 2017, plus you can grab a bargain on last year's styles, whilst stocks last!

Lamington Merino Socks

Lamington Socks  - Willow
Lamington Merino Newborn Neutral Socks $17.95
Lamington Socks  - Macaroon
Lamington Merino Socks Newborn to 1-2yrs $17.95, 2yrs - 6yrs $18.95
Woman Atlantic Studio 
Lamington Merino Women's Socks $29.95

Now that Autumn is here....

Written by Vanessa on March 21st, 2017.      0 comments

Brrr, these Autumn mornings are definitely a bit more chilly!  

Keeping baby's legs warm during nappy changes or nappy-free time on the colder days can be difficult but Bubbly Bubs Leg Warmers are designed just for this purpose.
Being cute and made from organic cotton just makes them more appealing!
Unlike socks, Bubbly Bubs Leg Warmers will stay on & you can keep your wee one's feet covered when it's chilly but expose them when it's play time.  They will also protect their precious crawling knees and you will add colour to their wardrobe!

One size fits most & there are a variety of cool colours & designs to choose from.  You can use them to keep baby's arms warm and even wear them yourself as an added layer under a t-shirt (ideal for camping or when skiing)!

The absolute best part is that they are only a crazy $3.98, yes you did read that correctly, $3.98!!  What are you waiting for?


Ergobaby - How to Get Your Baby Out of a Back Carry Position Safely

Written by Vanessa on March 9th, 2017.      0 comments

It's super important to keep baby and yourself safe & injury free when babywearing and getting bubs in & out of a back carry position can be a little tough to get right.

Below is a video on how to safely get a baby out of a back carry with a back carry dismount in an Ergobaby Carrier.

Limited Edition Isoki Nappy Bags!

Written by Vanessa on February 15th, 2017.      0 comments

Just for summer, Isoki have released two gorgeous limited edition colours in two of their most popular styles of nappy bags.
Now that the weather in NZ is finally starting to warm up, it is the perfect time to purchase one of these to look absolutely stunning with your summer wardrobe!

You can choose from a yummy Vanilla colour in the Madame Polly style or a beautiful Blush pink in the Easy Access Tote style.

We have very limited stock of both styles and once they are gone, they won't be coming back so if you live in fear of missing out (FOMO), don't hesitate, order yours today!

Isoki Nappy Bag - Madame Polly - Vanilla with Accessories
Isoki Madame Polly in Vanilla
Isoki Nappy Bag - Easy Access Tote - Blush with Accessories
Isoki Easy Access Tote in Blush

Be In to Win $1,000 worth of Travel Vouchers!

Written by Vanessa on February 12th, 2017.      0 comments

Purchase any of our fab FunScreen - Sunscreen for Kids, which just happens to be on sale at the moment & you can be in to win $1,000 worth of travel vouchers!

All you need to do is purchase from the below link & email either a photo having some fun with your Funscreen or a photo of your receipt to: & you will go in the draw!

The winner will be drawn on February 28th 2017.

Funscreen Travel Voucher Competition

Keep Cool Over Summer Whilst Babywearing

Written by Vanessa on February 8th, 2017.      0 comments

Top tips for keeping cool in the hotter months when babywearing.

Christmas 2016 Customer Service Hours

Written by Vanessa on December 21st, 2016.      0 comments

Customer Service Christmas & Holiday Hours

We are open over the holiday period - place your order via the website and we'll dispatch it the same or next working day (or as specified within the item(s) itself).  Customer service will be available via phone or email during the below hours (see schedule below). 

Order Dispatch

If expected dispatch date is not already detailed in the item description and we cannot meet our usual 1-2 working day dispatch time frame we will let you know by email.  Items in stock will be dispatched throughout the holiday period except on weekends and Public Holidays when we'll be at the beach (true story).

23rd December - Available & dispatching - CLOSED 12PM.  We will aim to dispatch all orders received by 10AM.

24th December - Closed

25th December - Closed

26th December - Closed

27th December - Closed

28th December - Dispatching orders, available 10am - 2pm
29th December - Dispatching orders, available 10am - 2pm
30th December - Dispatching orders, available 10am - 12pm
31st December - Closed

1st January - Closed

2nd January - Closed

3rd January - Closed

4th January - Available & dispatching

Standard delivery timeframes apply but keep in mind that couriers don't operate on Public Holidays.

Merry Christmas!
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Isoki Madame Polly Review by Belly Beyond Product Reviewer - Louisa Stewart - Day 3

Written by Vanessa on November 18th, 2016.      0 comments

Today Louisa tested how well the Isoki Madame Polly handled being on the move.

Isoki Madame Polly Review by Belly Beyond Product Reviewer - Louisa Stewart - Day 2

Written by Vanessa on November 15th, 2016.      0 comments

Louisa is a mum who likes to be prepared, was the Isoki Madame Polly up to the task?

Isoki Madame Polly Review by Belly Beyond Product Reviewer - Louisa Stewart - Day 1

Written by Vanessa on November 13th, 2016.      0 comments

Louisa Stewart was one of the lucky three ladies chosen to be a Belly Beyond product reviewer, read on for her experiences with the Madame Polly:

Isoki Double Zip Satchel Review by Belly Beyond Product Reviewer - Sharee Williams - Day 4

Written by Vanessa on November 12th, 2016.      0 comments

Sharee was busy today & really tested the strengths of her Isoki Double Zip Satchel, read on!

Between our playcentre bake sale, a grocery shop and a catch-up swimming lesson, we were out all day! The Isoki Double Zip Satchel was really put to the test with the amount of things we needed to take. Enough nappies and wipes for the day, a change of clothes for each of the boys, lunch box, drink bottles, shoes, sunblock, hats and a blanket easily fit into the bag and put no stress on the zips. Having just the two main compartments to the bag is great for organising when packing and also finding something you need – clothes and nappy changing gear on one side, all other necessities on the other. Really pleased with the amount of gear this bag can hold without being too cumbersome. Prior to this bag, we used a small bag for each of the boys, so being able to fit what we need nicely into one bag sure beats lugging around 2!

Publication1 (2)

Isoki Double Zip Satchel Review by Belly Beyond Product Reviewer - Sharee Williams - Day 3

Written by Vanessa on November 10th, 2016.      0 comments

Sharee continues her review of her Isoki Double Zip Satchel:

While out and about doing the preschool run and library visit today I needed to change the 15 month olds nappy in the big boot of our car. While I was pinning down the toddler, I had only the one hand to get back into the nappy bag for a nappy, liner and a clean pair of pants. The zips on the Isoki Double Zip Satchel move so smoothly, I had no problem at all getting into the various pockets to what I needed. Also for today’s review, I want to mention the accessories that come with the bag, which include a small zippered purse, change mat, insulated bottle carrier, a shoulder strap and stroller clips (all featured in the attached photo). The change mat is brilliant, folds up neatly and can be easily wiped clean. We do not use bottles and it is not safe to attach bags to our particular stroller so unfortunately I am unable to review these items, but the practicalities are obvious. The little zippered bag is excellent for storing your smaller that could get ‘lost’ in the nappy bag such as lip balm, creams, cash, thermometer etc. The shoulder strap is adjustable and a great carrying option to have when you need your hands free, which is pretty much all the time!

Publication1 (1)


Isoki Double Zip Satchel Review by Belly Beyond Product Reviewer - Sharee Williams - Day 2

Written by Vanessa on November 9th, 2016.      0 comments

Sharee has taken her Isoki Double Zip Satchel for it's first outing, read her review of how it fared below:

Off to the 4 year old's swimming lesson today and our first outing with the Isoki Double Zip Satchel. Togs and towel can be quite bulky in a nappy bag and take up most of the room, but they effortlessly fit into one of the main compartments. The other side contained bulky cloth nappies, wipes and a change of clothes for the 15 month old. Still so much room left in this bag so hasn’t quite reached its full potential and carrying capacity yet! We left our wet bag for the togs at home but that didn’t matter as the interior of the bag is made with waterproof material which is brilliant! The nappy bag sits on your shoulder well and is really an attractive bag so big thumbs up from us after our first trip out.

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