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For Every Order Placed During November 2020 We'll Donate $1 to Movember

Written by Vanessa on November 3rd, 2020.      0 comments

It is the time of year again where Mr Belly Beyond is left a bit lonely; whilst the kids and I try to maintain our distance at all times to avoid the always gruesome (but also always impressive) moustache that appears on his face.

It is all for the fantastic cause that is Movember and we do really love him for participating each year.

The Movember Foundation addresses some of the biggest health issues faced by men: prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and very close to our hearts, mental health and suicide prevention.

In the twelve months to the end of June 2020 we have lost another 654 people to suicide in NZ.  This is a slight decrease on the previous year but there is so much work to still do on how we can prevent suicides and ensure anyone that is at risk is able to get the professional help they need.

Of the 654 people who took their lives, 471 of those were male.

Sadly, we know very well what losing loved ones to suicide is like; having lost Mr Belly Beyond’s younger brother and also a good friend.

Both men were young, very much-loved husbands, and fathers to young children. They have left behind families who are devastated by the loss to their family unit.

We want to raise awareness around mental health and to help reduce the numbers of male suicide rates.

This year, for every order placed with Belly Beyond during the month of November, we will donate $1 to the Movember Foundation.

Mr Belly Beyond is also once again raising money for this cause on his personal Movember page. You can track his progress throughout the month (if you are brave enough to keep looking that is!) and if you are in a position to be able to donate, you are very welcome to do so at the below link:

1737, Need to talk? Free call or text 1737 any time for support from a trained counsellor
If life is in danger, call 111 or go directly to emergency services.

Gorgeous Wooden Toy Range

Written by Vanessa on September 9th, 2020.      0 comments

Here at Belly Beyond we love wooden toys.  Why wooden, you ask?
Well, let us give you just a few reasons why:

More Environmentally Friendly
Wood is an organic and renewable resource which when sustainably sourced, is much better for the environment than any plastic toy.  Wooden toys are also biodegradable and can be recycled or upcycled into something else.

Wooden toys can handle the rough treatment that comes from little hands, the bashing around corners, being put down roughly and even being left outside in all types of weather (this is not recommended though).
These toys can last for multiple generations so they can be handed down as family heirlooms.

Inspires creativity and role-play
The simplicity of wooden toys without screens, beeps, whistles etc allows children to use their imaginations for role-playing and creating their own little worlds where the possibilities are endless.  They can aid spatial and social awareness as well.

Some of the classic staple wooden toys include puzzles, building blocks and miniature construction sets, all of which can help children with numeracy, literacy, motor skills and problem solving whilst having fun.

We could go on but let's move on to our newly extended range of the fantastic Classic World brand.

There is something for every age and stage of baby and child development.  There are rattles, puzzles, blocks, balancing toys, (pretend) cutting toys just to name a few.

Made from hand crafted natural wood and coloured with non-toxic paint, this range is sure to delight the young and not so young.

Priced from just $10.95, Classic World wooden toys are very affordable, oh so cute, and make a perfect gift for any occasion.  With Christmas just around the corner, get your little person shopping sorted!

Classic World Push Coco Plane - Lifestyle 1-962                                                          Classic World Cutting Puzzle - Fruit - Lifestyle 2-196
 Classic World Geometric Blocks - Lifestyle 1-413                                                         Classic World Pull Train Pastel - Lifestyle 1-87

Baby Carriers for Dad

Written by Vanessa on September 2nd, 2020.      0 comments

It's nearly Father's Day and if you are still looking for a soon-to-be or new dad present, why not get him a baby carrier?!  If you order now, you still have time to get it delivered!

There are so many reasons to babywear! There are babywearing benefits for both dads and mums but in honour of Father's Day, let's talk about how babywearing benefits dads (and their offspring). 

Ergobaby Omni 360 Cool Air Mesh Carrier

Bonding with your baby

It is true that mums are able to connect with their babies sooner. Most mums carry their baby for nine months. Mum feels all of those kicks (& squeezes on her bladder!), births the baby, and then she’s usually the first to hold the baby. Even so, Dad already has a connection with baby. If you want to strengthen that bond, you can do so right away with a baby carrier. It will provide so many special moments and memories whether dad wears it just at home or out and about.

Making skin-to-skin contact easier

Skin-to-skin contact not only lets dad bond with your baby, but it also can help him feel more confident and protective as a father and can lead to him being more involved as your baby gets older. Skin-to-skin can also help regulate your baby’s temperature and heartbeat and help dad to be able to do some bottle feeding if you plan on doing that.

Giving mum a break!

A baby carrier lets dad be a supportive partner. He is able to hold your baby and still fold those endless piles of washing, vacuum, and get other things done around the house. 

Making family outings easier

A baby carrier makes family outings so much easier. How good would it be to not have to worry about unloading and loading a stroller in your car!  You don’t have to worry about places with stairs. You won’t have to worry if you can fit through a door or aisle and you can get to so many more places and be hands free.

Carrying baby for longer

Holding a baby for a long period of time can be tough on even the fittest and strongest arms but a baby carrier allows dad to hold and snuggle your baby without discomfit.  Especially helpful for those times when your precious little one won't settle and the pacing back & forth holding them is just too much!

Best baby carriers for dads

When it comes to baby carriers for dads, here are some features you may want to look for:
  • Comfort (padded straps and waist belt)
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean (machine washable)
  • Adjustable
  • Offers various positions
  • Works in every season (lightweight, breathable fabric)
  • Grows with your baby
Ergobaby has some great carrier options for dad:

The Embrace carrier

If a soft wrap (which many new parents use) and structured carrier could have a baby, they’d have the Embrace. The material is cosy for your baby, while the adjustable seat and crossable shoulder straps comfortably support you and your baby. You also don’t have to worry about any complicated tying, and it’s small enough to fit inside your nappy bag.

The Omni 360 carrier

An all-position carrier that comes in the option of cotton or cool air mesh and a whole lot of colour choices!
With a wide wraparound lumbar support waistband and adjustable, padded shoulder pads, it will provide all of the comfort and back support needed to carry a newborn or a 20kg toddler.  It has a removable storage pouch perfect for keys, phone and wallet.

Ergobaby Omni 360 Carrier

What to pack in your hospital / labour bag

Written by Vanessa on February 14th, 2020.      0 comments

Packing your bag for hospital is such an exciting time in the preparation for your new arrival. If you are a first-time parent to be it can be overwhelming working out exactly what you will need. We’ve compiled a list of absolutely everything you could possibly think of and from there you can reduce it down to what is relevant for you.

Packing two bags is a good idea, one for labour and one for your hospital / birthing unit stay.

If you pack just the items you want to have for during labour in one bag, it makes it easier to grab and go if in a hurry and the post birth bag can be retrieved later. If you are likely transferring to a birthing unit, then it can even just stay in the car.

Your support person may also appreciate less items to rifle through when trying to locate the right bits & pieces if you are not able to clearly express what you want say for example, during a teeth clenching contraction.

Once your baby has arrived, your support person can take your labour bag away with them leaving you with only the items you need for your post birth stay in a separate bag.

What to pack in which bag you ask? We’ve tried to make it as easy as possible below.

Labour Bag

  • Paper work – your maternity notes, a copy of your birth plan, hospital information
  • Any medication you are currently taking
  • Hair ties
  • Baggy t-shirt, nightie or similar that is comfortable to labour in. You can also use a hospital gown provided. Bikini top if you are planning on using a birthing pool.
  • A favourite pillow from home
  • Wheat bag
  • Warm socks
  • Lip balm
  • Birth to Earth Placenta Kit
  • Soothing music
  • TENS machine
  • Massage lotion / essential oils
  • Rescue Remedy
  • Snacks for both yourself and support person  - muesli bars / nuts / crackers / chocolate / barley sugars
  • Swimwear for your support person in case of hopping into a birthing pool
  • Change of clothes, toothbrush & toothpaste for your support person
  • Mobile phone & charger (and/or camera)
  • List of who to ring
  • Magazine / book / kindle / puzzles
  • An outfit for your baby to wear once they have arrived (maybe 2 so you can have different sizes)
  • Comfy clothes to change into for your transfer to birthing unit / hospital ward

Postnatal Bag 

For Mum
For Baby
  • Newborn nappies
  • Baby wipes (nothing with perfume in)
  • Barrier cream
  • Scratch mittens
  • Socks
  • Singlets, onesies, bodysuits, nighties, pants, cardigans etc (enough for 3-4 changes)
  • Warm going home outfit
  • Beanie / hat
  • Swaddling wraps
  • Blanket
  • White noise machine
  • Stretchy babywearing Wrap which can help to settle a newborn and are amazing for those gorgeous snuggles!
  • Carseat / capsule - Belly Beyond Tip: Practice installing this prior to being in labour so you can get it right in a calm situation as it can take time. The hospital won't let you leave without baby safely strapped in a carseat or capsule.
For Older Siblings
Having a gift ready for each older sibling that comes 'from baby' can help ease the transition of adding another member to your family, especially when going from one to two children!  Of course depending on the size of the gift, this may not be suitable to have at the hospital but even having one ready for when you bring baby home is a great idea.
Doll prams, cradles or carriers can help them to be 'just like Mum' so they can look after their baby while you are busy looking after yours.

2019 Christmas & New Year's Hours

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2019 Christmas & Holiday Hours

We are open over the holiday period but with reduced hours. You can still place orders via the website and we will dispatch based on the below schedule (or as specified within the item(s) itself).  
Customer services will endeavour to respond to any urgent emails during this time except on Public Holidays and weekends.

Order Dispatch

If expected dispatch date is not already detailed in the item description and we cannot meet our usual dispatch time frame we will let you know by email.


Monday 23rd December - Dispatching orders - CLOSED 12PM.  We will aim to dispatch all orders received by 10AM.
Tuesday 24th - Sunday 29th December - Closed
Monday 30th - Tuesday 31st December - Dispatching orders
Wednesday 1st - Sunday 5th January - Closed
Monday 6th January - Normal business hours resume

Standard delivery time frames apply but keep in mind that couriers don't operate on Public Holidays.

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!

Ergobaby Omni 360 Carrier Review by Belly Beyond Product Reviewer - Serena Kelly

Written by Vanessa on December 10th, 2019.      0 comments

We love it when we can give someone an opportunity to try a product that we love ourselves and on this occasion it was Serena Kelly who reviewed the Ergobaby Omni 360 Cool Air Mesh carrier for us. Serena is a busy mum of four who tested out all of the cool features and shared her thoughts below. 
You can follow Serena and her family on Instagram @strugglesandstrength & Facebook

What Exactly Is A Lactation Cookie?

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It's a great question so Jesse from Totally Devoted has answered it for us to share with you!

A lactation cookie isn't just your regular cookie. These little beauties are made with wholesome ingredients containing age old galactogogues (milk making ingredients). Eating lactation cookies is a wonderful, nutritious and enjoyable way to help assist you on your breastfeeding journey. Best of all they can be eaten safely with one hand whilst feeding your precious baby.
When purchasing lactation cookies look out for the important "milk making" ingredients below otherwise you really are just eating a regular but overpriced cookie. 

Totally Devoted Feeding Cookies - Lifestyle-439
Oats are full of dietary fibre which is a wonderful ingredient for breastfeeding and pregnant mothers as they help relieve constipation. They are a great source of essential vitamins such as thiamine, folic acid, biotin and vitamin e. They also have a low glycemic index and help provide longer lasting energy and what new mother doesn't need that?

Aka flaxseeds contain omega 3 essential fatty acids which can help prevent excess biochemicals that the body produces under stress, making them great for busy parents. 

Coconut oil 
Back in 2012 when I decided to use coconut oil for my cookies I was met with so much disdain from food scientists, but the research and knowledge I had proved that it was the best ingredient for these cookies as it's dairy free. It's also a medium chain fatty acid containing lauric acid. Mothers milk also contains lauric acid so how great is that for a lactation cookie. Coconut oil is also known for its antifungal, antimicrobrial, and antiviral property's. It's also great for your skin and hair. Supermodel Miranda Kerr says she eats 3 tspns every day to help maintain her glow. 

Buckwheat flour 
Buckwheat flour is high in lysine, b vitamins, magnesium, iron, zinc and copper. It's also high in fibre and it contains the right essential amino acids. Best of all it's wheat free. 

Fennel and fenugreek 
Both of these have been used for centuries in many cultures as a galactogogue aid. In India a tea of fenugreek is made for new mothers to drink every morning to assist with milk production. 

Of course I think Totally Devoted cookies are the best as all of these ingredients were well researched and naturopathically approved to help provide new mothers with a nutrient dense but still great tasting cookie to easily assist them in their breastfeeding journey. 

They are all wheat, dairy and preservative free so the digestion of both mum and baby are at ease.

Purchase them here and enjoy the yuminess.

Even better, team them up with a cup of delicious lactation tea!
Totally Devoted Lactation Tea - Lifetsyle 1


The Allure Bralette - Hotmilk Lingerie's Newest Style!

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Hotmilk Lingerie Allure Bralette

The Allure is Hotmilk Lingerie's newest maternity bralette in soft lace for everyday comfort wear. This miracle bralette provides support up to a G cup and is the perfect flexifit bra to stretch and grow into while your body changes through pregnancy and nursing.

Shop to your band size and know you are covered between D-G cup for this gorgeous new style.

Priced at $59.95, the Allure is an affordable (and don't forget stunning) investment in your maternity / nursing wardrobe that you won't regret.
Plus, we offer payment via LayBuy which works out to be just $9.99 a week over 6 weeks!

New Generation Lulla Dolls Available Now!

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The exciting arrival of the third generation of the very popular Lulla Doll has come!
So what's new, you may ask?  Well, we think the below changes will get you as excited as we are...

Lulla now plays for 12 hours, with improved sound, longer battery duration and adjustable volume.
The doll comes in three different colors and the new fabric is even softer and more durable with embroidered details.

Lulla now comes in a beautiful strong gift box as well as her signature calico wash bag enclosed inside the box – simply a beautiful gift for an expectant parent.

New Lulla Dolla-546-559-747

Still machine washable – still a sleep miracle.

The Lulla doll is a sleep companion for preemies, babies and toddlers. It imitates closeness to a caregiver at rest with its soft feel and real life sounds of breathing and heartbeat.
Lulla plays her soothing sounds for up to 12 hours to help your little one feel stable and safe and adding to the length and quality of sleep.

Available in the Lilac & Coral colours now.  RRP $109.95

We still have limited stock left of the second generation Lulla Doll, priced at just $69.95 whilst stocks last!

Christmas 2018 - Customer Service Hours

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Customer Service Christmas & Holiday Hours

We are open over the holiday period - place your order via the website and we'll dispatch it the same or next working day (or as specified within the item(s) itself).  Customer service will be available via phone or email during the below hours (see schedule below). 

Order Dispatch

If expected dispatch date is not already detailed in the item description and we cannot meet our usual 1-2 working day dispatch time frame we will let you know by email.  Items in stock will be dispatched throughout the holiday period except on weekends and Public Holidays when we'll be hanging out with our families and hopefully soaking up some sun.

Friday 21st December - Available & dispatching - CLOSED 12PM.  We will aim to dispatch all orders received by 10AM.

Saturday 22nd December - Closed

Sunday 23rd December - Closed

Monday 24th December - Closed

Tuesday 25th December - Closed

Wednesday 26th December - Closed
Thursday 27th December - Dispatching orders, available 10am - 2pm
Friday 28th December - Dispatching orders, available 10am - 2pm
Saturday 29th December - Closed

Sunday 30th December - Closed

Monday 31st December - Closed

Tuesday 1st January - Closed

Wednesday 2nd January - Closed

Thursday 3rd January - Dispatching orders, available 10am - 2pm

Friday 4th January - Dispatching orders, available 10am - 12pm

Standard delivery time frames apply but keep in mind that couriers don't operate on Public Holidays.

Merry Christmas!

How Babywearing May Help Alleviate Postpartum Depression – HENRIK NORHOLT

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If you've read our previous few blog posts, you'll realise that mental health and bringing awareness to it and reducing the stigma around it, is very important to us here at Belly Beyond.  We hope you find the below blog helpful.

Helping Save Men's Lives

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For the past nine Novembers Mr Belly Beyond has grown a somewhat hideous and at the same time impressive, moustache that has scared young children and animals. All for the fantastic cause of stopping our men dying too young.

The Movember Foundation addresses some of the biggest health issues faced by men: prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and very close to our hearts, mental health and suicide prevention.

Eighteen months ago, we sadly became part of NZ’s awful statistic of having lost a loved one to suicide (Mr Belly Beyond’s younger brother) and as recently as four weeks ago, we lost a good friend also to suicide.

Both men were young, very much-loved husbands, and fathers to young children. They have left behind families who are devastated by the loss to their family unit.

In the twelve months to the end of June a staggering total of 668 people died by suicide in NZ which is the fourth year in a row that the rate has increased. Of the 668 people who took their lives, 480 of those were male.

We want to raise awareness around mental health and to help reduce the numbers of male suicide rates. So, Mr Belly Beyond is once again beginning November clean shaven and will end the month by being hairy and looking like a criminal but it is all in the name of Movember.

Track his progress on the Movember website at the below link:

IMG 1801-201-972
To speak with someone immediately, contact Lifeline on 0800 543 354, Samaritans on 0800 726 666, or Suicide Crisis Helpline on 0508 828 865 (0508 TAUTOKO).

If life is in danger, call 111 or go directly to emergency services.

How Babywearing Can Help Postpartum Depression

Written by Vanessa on September 30th, 2018.      0 comments

A fantastic article written by psychotherapist Abby Burd.

Now Stocking Haakaa Products!

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We've been asked so many times from our beloved customers to stock Haakaa products and because we always (well mostly) do as we are asked, we have listened! You will now find a range of Haakaa's finest products available on our website.

If you wondering what the great excitement is about Haakaa, well for starters they are a 100% family owned and New Zealand run company which we absolutely love!

Haakaa was developed through a struggle to find non-toxic and safe products for a special girl called Courtney. Being born with Autism among other disabilities, her parents top priority became protecting her health and preserving the environment for her future and so, Haakaa was born. Realising they could develop a range that is not only convenient and versatile, but also safe for more parents and their babies, Courtney's parents have developed an exciting range.

All Haakaa products are made using environmentally friendly and safe raw materials such as stainless steel, glass, bamboo, and natural rubber. All haakaa products are designed and tested in New Zealand, manufactured in selected advanced international factories under strict quality controls and designed and tested against the worlds highest safety standards.  Again, we absolutely love, love this!

Haakaa Breast Pump 150ml and Flower Stopper Set

From the famous silicone breast pump that is recommended by midwives, to pacifiers and even toothbrushes, you are sure to find something that you and your family will also love.

Ergobaby Omni 360 Carrier Review by Belly Beyond Product Reviewer - Parvati Rotherham - Day 5

Written by Vanessa on September 4th, 2018.      0 comments

This time the review was from Dad's point of view, perfect for Father's Day!
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