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Babywearing Benefits For Mums For Mother's Day

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There are lots of great reasons to babywear! There are babywearing benefits for both mums and dads (and other people in your baby’s life!). But with Mother’s Day coming up we’re going to focus on how babywearing benefits mums. And so maybe the giving the gift of babywearing would make a great Mother’s Day present for a new mum in your life.

Ergobaby Omni 360 Carrier - Cool Air Mesh Pearl Grey - Lifestyle 3

Babies Cry Less

Babies who are carried cry less. And babies crying less benefits EVERYONE! In fact a study showed that babies who were carried more cried 43% less. Many babies just want to be held. Have you ever heard someone say – or said it yourself – “She just won’t let me put her down!” or “He’s happy as long as I’m holding him.” That’s absolutely been my experience with my babies! By carrying your baby in an Ergobaby carrier, rather than holding them in your arms, you’re also taking care of your body. Ergobaby carriers are ergonomically designed to support your shoulders, back and hips, by evenly distributing your baby’s weight.

Bonding With Baby

There are so many different ways to bond with your baby. Babywearing is a really great tool to help support bonding. Babywearing creates a familiar womb-like environment for your baby. You’re also keeping your baby close where they are comforted, because they can feel you, hear you, see you and even smell you. Also I found I talked to my babies (and toddlers) more while I was babywearing, because they were right there with me.

Hands-Free Parenting

In an ideal world new mums will have the time to sit and snuggle with bubs on the couch, or breastfeed in peace, but realistically a lot of us have more things to do than we have hours in a day. You can babywear while vacuuming, pushing a shopping trolley, taking older siblings to school, tidying up, and so on. Alternatively, you can also use babywearing to have your free hands to eat lunch, have a (not too hot) coffee, or have a little scroll through social media. It’s up to you!

Getting Fit and Staying Active

There are so many great fitness programs for mums (and dads!) that involve babywearing. I took a babywearing dance class when my daughter was little. It was a super fun way to get active at a time where I couldn’t really leave her to go to a fitness class or the gym on my own. Also babywearing makes hiking and bushwalking a breeze without having to fuss around with a pram or stick to flat paths. Also your baby is providing you with weight resistance when you’re exercising. So that is another benefit of babywearing.

Babywearing Settles Babies For Other People

Dads, grandparents, and other important people in your baby’s life can babywear too! Which is still a babywearing benefits mums, because then they don’t always have to bear the load, so to speak, of carrying baby all the time. And it’s a lot easier letting them go so you can have a break knowing that your baby is going to be safe, happy, and comforted in their baby carrier.

So Happy Mother’s Day to all the great mums and mums-to-be out there! I hope you all have a fabulous day and that someone spoils you on this special day!

Mother's Day Gift Guide

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Ideas for what to get the glowing mum or mum-to-be this Mother's Day, that she'll really like - really!

Decaffinated Mama

When coffee's off the menu try Pratty's Teas.  From $14.90

Hands-Free Mama

Ergobaby Night Sky can be used front, hip or back carry from newborn to 3 years and beyond.  $239


Designer Mama

New Leather OiOi Nappy Bag for the fashionista Mum. $455

Sexy Mama

Cake Lingerie make stunning lingerie and nightwear for pregnancy and feeding.  Sizes 10B-18J. 

Bounce Back Mama

Belly Wrap's have been used for centuries to assist recovery and help flatten your post-baby tummy.  $89.95

Fit Mama

Preggie Bellies DVD - workout for 2.  $49.95

Practical Mama

Isoki Backpack is pretty but practical way to carry all your baby stuff around.  $79

Earth Mama

Birth to Earth Placenta Kit is the no mess, no fuss way to keep and plant your placenta. $39.95

Queasy Mama

Totally Devoted Cookies are delicious treats are loaded with benefits, including ginger to help ease morning sickness and heartburn.  $5.95


Buy Gift Vouchers and she can choose whatever she wants from the website.

Sleep Deprived Mama-to-be

Inspired Living Maternity Pillow is our best-rated product.  Finally get a good night's sleep! $89.95


Natural Mama

Feel at Home Handmade Soaps Gift Pack to treat Mum. From $19.95


Creative Mama

Belly Casting Kit is easy to use to create a lasting momento of your bump.  $79.95

Jetset Mama

Babybjorn Travel Cot is lightwight and can be set up in seconds.  $489.95

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