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Ergobaby Counterfeit Trade-In Offer

Written by Lou on February 26th, 2014.      0 comments



You can shop our Ergobaby range and current specials [here].

Bought a fake?  Trade it in for $50-$75* off a genuine Ergobaby Carrier.

If you saw the story on Fair Go and think you've been duped yourself, or perhaps you suspect the Ergobaby Carrier you were given as a gift is not the real deal, then don't lose all hope.

If you didn't buy the carrier from a registered stockist (like us):

Complete the online form below and we'll assess how likely it is that you have a fake Ergobaby Carrier.  If we do establish it is likely to be a fake, you can take advantage of our Ergobaby Counterfeit Trade-In and get $50-$75 Cash-Back when you trade-in your counterfeit and purchase a genuine Ergobaby Carrier from Belly Beyond (for limited a time only, please see Terms & Conditions below).


Cash-back offer applies to counterfeit carriers with an Ergobaby logo only.  Cash-Back offer is valid on purchases of genuine Ergobaby Carriers from Belly Beyond up until midnight 31 March 2014, Counterfeit Carrier Trade-Ins need to be received at Belly Beyond by 30 April 2014.   Cash-back offer will be provided at the sole discretion of Belly Beyond (please don't send in carriers before you've received Belly Beyond's pre-approval and Trade-In instructions).  Non-qualifying carriers will be returned to sender.  *$50 Cash-Back will be provided after the purchase of a genuine Ergobaby Carrier from Belly Beyond and the receipt of the counterfeit carrier back to Belly Beyond in Auckland.  After receiving your genuine Ergobaby Carrier from Belly Beyond, provide a written testimonial by 30 April 2014 to be eligible to receive an additional $25 Cash-Back on your genuine Ergobaby purchase from Belly Beyond. Cashback offer is inclusive of exclusive of GST where relevant.  Belly Beyond reserves the right to amend or cease this offer at any time without notice.     

Ergobaby Counterfeit Carriers on Fair Go

Written by Lou on February 26th, 2014.      0 comments

The popular consumer watchdog TV show, Fair Go, have picked up the story of fake Ergobaby Carriers infiltrating the NZ market and asked us to appear to give our opinion, as NZ's genuine Ergobaby Carrier experts, on the dangers of the counterfeits.

Pippa Wetzell came out to talk to Louisa from Belly Beyond at our Distribution Warehouse.  Louisa says "I brought along a fake carrier that we'd been given by a customer who came to us to buy a genuine one".  "The Fair Go team were pretty aghast when I showed them how the waist belt could just be pulled apart without unclipping it - imagine if your child was in the carrier when that happened!"

It is very difficult to detect a fake carrier online since counterfeit websites often use official Ergobaby imagery and product copy – some are so brazen as to site authorised Distibutors contact details.  The only way you can be certain not to be ripped off is to buy from a registered stockist (yes, like Belly Beyond!). 



Belly Beyond featured in the 5th March 2014 episode which you can watch online On Demand here

You can read more about the dangers of counterfeit Ergobaby carriers in our recent blog detailing exactly why it's not worth the risk as well as a list of websites known to sell counterfeit carriers.  [read more]
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