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Counterfeit and Fake ERGObaby Carrier Websites - Update

Written by Lou on February 10th, 2014.      0 comments

The issue around fake Ergobaby websites selling counterfit carriers continues to be a problem and Kiwi parents are still being stung - either the carrier never arrives or if it does, then it's unsafe to use and poses a real danger to their babies.  The only way to ensure you do not buy a fake is to purchase from an authorised retailer (yes, like Belly Beyond!).  Shop for genuine Ergobaby on our website [here] and check out the Ergobaby Counterfeit Trade-In Offer [here]


ERGObaby Carriers have become an international parenting phenomenon. The brand is so popular that there are now factories producing Counterfeit ERGObaby Carriers. These fake carriers are UNSAFE for your baby and we've had numerous first-hand accounts from New Zealanders of counterfeit carriers failing and jeopordising baby safety.

Ergobaby head office in the United States has so far delisted over 2300 sites selling counterfeit carriers worldwide but fakes sites selling into NZ or even made to look they are NZ based spring up all the time, duping people who think they are buying the genuine product. 

It is very difficult to detect a fake carrier online since counterfeit websites often use official Ergobaby imagery and products copy – some are so brazen as to site authorised Distibutors contact details! 

If it's too good to be true then it usual is - if a site is selling ERGOs for $89-$119 it's going to be fake!! 

It's dangerous

Sadly, we've had a lot of calls from New Zealanders who've purchased counterfeit carriers from fake websites (or second-hand on Trade Me) and then realised when they received the carrier that they had been duped - a number of those reported that on the first few wears, the buckles actually snapped and the carriers failed - one mum was able to catch her little one before any harm was done, the alternative in that scenario is too scary to contemplate!

Counterfeit Ergo baby carriers are UNSAFE for your baby since they bypass important safety testing regulations and processes and therefore put your baby at risk.

Product failure rates are extremely high in Ergobaby counterfeits since they are:

  • made with inferior material and parts – particularly the buckles
  • not product tested for safety standards
  • not covered by any Product Insurance
  • not covered by Product Warranty
  • not likely to comply with US lead-free criteria
When it comes to baby carriers or any other product, especially those claiming to be baby products, counterfeits could seriously endanger your baby or your health with inferior materials and workmanship.

No warranty

We don't have many issues with our genuine Ergobaby products because they are so well made but no range is perfect and if something does go wrong with your carrier you want to know it's covered.   Genunine Ergobaby's have a 12 month warranty while counterfeit products are exempt from any manufacturer’s warranty policy and we would caution anyone thinking about using counterfeit products for their questionable safety, comfort and reliability.

No carrier

You spend the money but the carrier never turns up.

Consumer identity theft

If you purchase a carrier via a fake website then you've just provided all your details including credit card to unscrupulous people opening yourself up to credit card and consumer fraud. 


Websites targeting Australia and NZ known to have sold counterfeit Ergobaby products

This is a recent screenshot showing us and a fake site side by side when you Google Ergobaby.  Scary!!






















Be wary of websites that contain Ergobaby anywhere in the domain name. There are NO Authorised Retailers in Australia or New Zealand that include “ERGO” or any variation/repetition of this word in the web address.  If you are looking outside of our region we strongly suggest that you confirm that the site is an Authorised Retailer on

What about Trade Me?

Ergobaby Carriers are quality carriers so they do last a long time and there's a big second-hand market for them.  The issue with buying on Trade Me is that you don't know where the carrier came and if it was purchased from an authorised retailer.  Our best advice would be to ask the seller if they can provide the receipt where they bought it before you finalise the purchase.  If they can't, then move on to the next one.  Having said that, genuine carriers aren't that much cheaper than when we have our super sales and you can always use the Layby option with us.

What do people say about Ergobaby Carriers?

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Read all the amazing feedback we get from our customers about their Ergobaby Carrier purchase from Belly Beyond.

Ergobaby introduces the Ergobaby Wrap

Written by Lou on September 3rd, 2013.      0 comments


The Ergobaby Wrap has been released and due to us in early 2014.  It is designed specifically for newborns and infants and creates the perfect environment and helps to ensure infants are calm, cozy, and comforted against the wearer’s chest.

When it comes to the Ergobaby Wrap, there is a material difference when compared to other wraps currently in the market. The result is:
  • Premium Fabric: Made from a strong, 4D StretchTM material
  • The Perfect Fit:  The right amount of stretch makes it easy to tie effectively
  • Long Lasting Support:  Doesn’t sag throughout the day from baby’s weight
  • Exceptional Comfort:  Moves in every direction with you and your baby
  • Compact: Folds into attached pocket for neat and clean storage
More info to follow on exact arrival date and pricing as soon as we have it.


Why does the Ergobaby Wrap have so much material? You need 3 layers of material to provide the right support for baby. Therefore, our wrap is designed to ensure there is enough material to wrap around people of all sizes. Having more material to wrap around the body also means that you and your baby will have more support and comfort throughout the day. If there is extra material, you can wrap it around your waist, or you can cut it to make it fit you perfectly (although that will void any warranties).

What are the benefits of Ergobaby Wrap’s wide panel? The wide panel ensures babies have full back support up until 14 kg/31 lb. It also allows for easy and discreet breastfeeding and provides enough support for moms to use as a prenatal and postnatal belly band.

Why are the ends of the Ergobaby Wrap tapered? The tapered ends make it easier to tie the wrap and help make the knot smaller.

How many carry positions can you do with the Ergobaby Wrap? The key wrap positions are front, hip and back. As you become more involved with wrapping, you will find a wide variety of ways to tie your wrap and carry your baby. The Ergobaby Wrap also offers the pregnancy tie (cross carry) for belly support.

What should I look for in a wrap material? It is important that the fabric is flexible yet sturdy to provide the right support for your child. A good test is to make sure the fabric stretches based on the material itself and not on the way it is woven. You can measure the actual stretch of the material by pulling it in every direction, making sure the fabric stretches equally in each direction. This means that the wrap will stretch, but won’t sag after extensive use. The more difference there is between how much the fabric stretches by direction, the worse the material. The Ergobaby Wrap uses a premium 4d stretch™ material that is strong yet flexible, providing the perfect fit, long lasting support, and exceptional comfort every time.

What are the benefits of using a hybrid wrap vs. other types of wraps? Hybrid wraps have all the benefits of both stretch wraps and woven wraps. Hybrid wraps are elastic just like stretchy wraps are, which makes it easy to take the baby in and out without having to untie the wrap. Not to mention, they are also incredibly comfortable to wear! Unlike stretchy wraps, hybrid wraps provide more support and strength and unlike woven wraps, hybrid wraps don’t need to be broken in. They are ready to be worn right out of the package!

Can I wear twins simultaneously in the Ergobaby Wrap? It is not recommended to wear multiple children in the Ergobaby Wrap at the same time because the children may not have enough room to breathe and not seated in an ergonomic position.

What are the differences between the Ergobaby Wrap and other wraps? The Ergobaby Wrap is unique because it combines a lot of great features: the material is moisture wicking which makes it breathable, but still has the right amount of density that provides enough support for you and your baby. The 4d stretch™ material allows you to pre-tie the wrap to make loading your baby in easier. Our wrap gives you the perfect fit every time because our material has just the right amount of elasticity. We also know that wraps can seem a bit intimidating at first so we designed a built in storage pocket and dual-colored seams that help guide you to wrap correctly! Not to mention, easy storage and transportation when the wrap is not in use!

What is the weight limit on the Ergobaby Wrap? The Ergobaby Wrap has been tested to carry babies up to 31 lbs. / 14 kg, but we recommend switching over to the Ergobaby carrier when your baby is around 6 months old as it provides more structure and comfort. The Ergobaby carrier features padded shoulder straps and a padded waist belt that can evenly distribute your child’s weight between your shoulders and hips so you can comfortably wear your child longer. The Ergobaby carrier also provides a sleep hood and storage pocket that prepares you and your child for any outdoor adventures together!

How do i know iam wearing the Ergobaby Wrap correctly? Besides following our instructions and making sure your baby is positioned properly, make sure your baby’s airway is clear at all times. You should be able to place two fingers under his/her chin and kiss the top of his/her head.

Can the Ergobaby Wrap be used for premature babies? We suggest talking to a doctor to get more information on the different carrying options for premature babies.

What is the difference between the Ergobaby Wrap and infant insert? The Ergobaby Wrap is used for babies 6. 6 – 31 lbs. / 3 – 14 kg while the infant insert allows you to ergonomically carry babies 7 – 12 lbs. / 3. 2 – 5. 4 kg in our soft structured carrier. Our wrap is specifically designed for newborns and infants because it provides the closeness and comfort they are familiar with when they were inside the mother’s womb. This helps foster healthy mental and physical development, and calms the baby as he or she hears your heartbeat, breathing and voice. The infant insert on the other hand allows you to use the Ergobaby carrier from day one. The infant insert helps keep pressure off your baby’s developing sacrum and provides the necessary head and neck support as well.

Will my baby overheat inside the Ergobaby Wrap? Temperature is always something to cautious of whenever you are wearing your baby, but the Ergobaby Wrap is made out of a thinner, breathable cotton material that keeps you and your baby cool throughout the day.

What is the TOG rating for the wrap? The TOG rating for the Ergobaby Wrap is 0.4. This means that the wrap has been tested to provide minimal additional warmth to you or your baby.

What is the difference between the Ergobaby Wrap and Ergobaby Carrier? The Ergobaby Wrap is designed for newborns and infants because it provides the closeness and comfort they are familiar with when they were inside the mother’s womb. The Ergobaby Wrap also provides you the flexibility to wear your baby in multiple positions and the ability to tie the wrap to your liking. However, learning how to use a wrap can be challenging for some people, which is why the Ergobaby carrier is another great option for carrying your baby. The Ergobaby carrier is more structured and worn just like a backpack. There is the option of carrying your newborn using our infant insert and the carrier can be used until the child is 45 lbs. The Ergobaby Wrap and Ergobaby carrier are both great options for carrying your child. It all depends on what is comfortable for you both!

Can the Ergobaby Wrap be a substitute for an Ergobaby Carrier? While both the Ergobaby Wrap and Ergobaby carrier can be used from birth, the Ergobaby Wrap can only hold up to 14 kg / 31 lbs. Therefore, we highly suggest that you still purchase an Ergobaby carrier as your baby gets older and heavier. The Ergobaby carrier is more structured and can comfortably hold more weight.

Can the Ergobaby Wrap be machine washed? Yes, the Ergobaby Wrap is machine washable which makes it easy to clean. We suggest washing your Ergobaby Wrap in cold water and tumble dry low.

I have never carried my baby in a carrier or wrap and am thinking of starting. How can I get him/her used to being carried? You should start by carrying your baby for short periods of time when he or she is happy and in a good mood. Also, many parents find that it is best to walk with your baby the first few times.


Blokes wearing babies AKA Babywearing Dads

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BellyBeyond BannerV12


The ultimate baby carrier + nappy bag prize pack for Dad (that's perfect for Mum too!)

Enter the draw to win the Belly Beyond Father's Day Giveaway!  Up for grabs is:

  • An Ergobaby X-Tra Carrier worth $229:  With extra length in all the right places, the new Ergobaby X-tra Carrier is a perfect fit for taller and broader dads.
  • A Diaper Dude Messenger Nappy Bag worth $129:  A nappy bag that Dad won't shy away from, it's designed to hold everything you need to access without having to take the bag off - brilliant!


We are finding a real trend in Dad getting involved in babywearing, including researching carriers and the new Ergobaby X-tra Carrier, with extra extension length, will definitely appeal to the lads. It's got a longer strap length capacity so it's ideal for larger people and its front, hip or back carry makes it a good choice of carrier from newborn right up to 3+.

Here's Mr Belly Beyond (left) getting in on the Babywearing fun and check out these celebrity babywearing Dads rocking their Ergobaby Carriers.
Ergo swing ErgoCelebOrlandoKiss
Mr Belly Beyond (eg, not a celebrity) ;) Orlando Bloom
ErgoCelebCareyBlackErgo ErgoCelebStephenMoyerAnnaPaquin
Carey Hart Stephen Moyer

ERGObaby Carrier Stowaway - Olive

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Wowzers, this has to be the coolest carrier concept we've ever seen from Ergobaby.

While the Ergobaby Carriers have always been pretty portable, the new Stowaway takes it to a whole new level - without compromising on the comfort!

It folds away in seconds so you can throw it in your handbag or carry-on luggage and be hands free in a jiffy exactly when you need to be.

Check out the video on how to pack it up.  I tried it and found it easy and I even had a go just stuffing it in and that worked too, so your husband will be able to manage it as well (just kidding!)


Available in Olive and coming soon in Navy.

Win an ERGObaby for your Easter Travels

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Who would like to win one of our amazing Sangria ERGObaby Carriers?

This Easter, we are looking for intrepid explorers to review this gorgeous ERGObaby Carrier.  Your intrepid exploration might be a trip to the other side of the world to visit family or a trip to the shops  - it's up to you!

Tell us below (in the comments section of this blog) where you'd like to take this ERGObaby over Easter and beyond.   Come on out all your Dora Explorer types - we are after adventurers and explorers for ERGO travels and fun.



Go nuts, post photos of your lovely family on our Facebook page, tell all your friends to like your photos so we can see just how much it means to get you and your family out and about in this fetching new ERGObaby.

Get your comments in by 15th March to be in the draw.

Terms & Conditions:   Prize is not transferable.  Winner will be chosen from qualifying Blog entries.  Judges decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.   You must be a member of Belly Beyond, so that we can contact you in the event you win!  Join here if you are not already a member.  Ideally the winner will be able to provide a review, photos and feedback of where the ERGObaby explored to us within 2-4 weeks of receiving the carrier.  Belly Beyond reserves the right to amend any or all terms and conditions or discontinue this competition without notice.

ERGObaby's Brand New Look

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We are super excited to reveal that ERGObaby has a brand new look. And to celebrate the re-brand we are giving you a free gift when you purchase any ERGObaby carrier with the new Logo.

ERGObaby - Exclusive designs

We are also stoked to showcase some stunning new ERGObaby styles over the coming weeks. First up, are these three gorgeous designs, which are only available in New Zealand from Belly Beyond!

Night Sky

A variation on the ever popular Grey Galaxy, Night Sky is sure to be a new favourite for New Zealanders - black is our national colour after all!  Match is up with the Galaxy Infant Insert.   Carrier is $239, Galaxy Insert is currently $45


Organic Lattice

Subtle detail with 100% organic cotton this is a carrier that will stand the test of time and style!  Carrier $289, organic infant insert $45



With stunning detail in this carrier you are bound to stand out from the boring crowd!  Carrier $239, infant insert $45


Whats the difference between the ERGO and the ERGO Sport?

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 elephant ergo(copy)     ErgoBabySport2.jpg
ERGObaby Camel Carrrier (left) and ERGObaby Sport Carrier (right)

We get asked this question a lot. They are the exact same concept in carrier in that they can be used front, side or back carry but there are a few minor differences:
  1. Ergobaby Sport (pictured on the right) is slightly lighter than the standard Ergobaby Original.  It's made from 35% cotton, 65% polyester blend which makes it lighter in weight and feel. The standard is 100% cotton.
  2. The Ergobaby Sport carrier has a vent which is great for extra breathability in hot weather.
  3. The Ergobaby Sport shoulder straps can be extended an extra 10cms.
  4. The Ergobaby Sport does not have the pocket the standard Ergobaby Original has. It's only a small pocket but very handy for phone carkeys, or small wallet. You can always use the Front Pouch add-on of course too.
  5. The Ergobaby Sport hood can be detached.

Which one is better?

Both of them! They really are both great baby carriers and it's just personal preference. I had both the Ergobaby Original and the Ergobaby Sport and used them almost every day. (one was in the car, one was in the house).


BEST BUY:  on sale at $189 it's hard to beat the ERGObaby Sport!  [Buy Now]

Check out the full range of ERGO baby carriers here and our large range of ERGObaby accessories here.


Top 10 reasons for Babywearing

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The practice of Babywearing may be as old as human kind but it fits in so well with a busy modern lifestyle. Babywearing is beneficial for baby, it’s good for parents (studies show it lowers the risk of PND) and it’s becoming a way of life for an increasing number of Kiwi families.
The term Babywearing is simply the practice of carrying or wearing your baby in a carrier and more and more parents are cottoning on to how much easier life is - their babies cry less, are more content and enjoy being included in family life. Babywearing is not about having your child attached to you 24 hours a day but modern instinctive parenting which is mostly common sense.
Babies of all ages thrive on cuddles and attention. How many times have you tried to put your little one down only to have them cry to be picked back up?  Babywearing skips that whole yo-yo process – by putting them in the carrier with you, the child receives the close cuddle and interaction they need and you are hands-free and able to get on with things.
A baby sling was my very first purchase for baby when I was about 13 weeks pregnant. The thought of being hands-free while carrying my baby appealed to my practical nature and I liked the fabrics and the simplicity. Little did I know it would become a way of life and the catalyst of a business specialising in the best baby carriers on the market.
Slings are very versatile and can be used from newborn right up to 2 years + When my son was a newborn I could breastfeed in public and no one else was any wiser that I even had a little one with me. As he grew, he happily sat on my hip and would charm all who met him – he loved being up on their level rather than sitting in a pram at bum height! When he was too heavy to carry comfortably in the sling for long period of time I swapped to the ERGOBaby Carrier. The Ergo can be used from newborn to 3+ and can be worn in front, hip or back carry. One of my favourite things about the Ergo is the ability to swap from back to front carry – means I can breastfeed on the go which is handy when chasing around after a pre-schooler! So here are my top 10.

10 Reasons to Babywear
  1. Baby is happy. Their natural need to be close to you is met and happy baby = happy Mum & Dad
  2. You are hands-free. Life doesn’t have to stop because baby needs a cuddle (this is especially meaningful when you have more than one child!)
  3. Baby can sleep anywhere or on anyone in the right carrier
  4. Perfect for ‘the witching hour’
  5. Correct anatomical positioning for baby's precious hips and spine
  6. Breastfeeding is easy and it’s private
  7. Freedom to go wherever you wish - you won’t be hindered by, or even need, a pram
  8. Great for colicky or reflux babies. Upright is a perfect position to keep nasty stomach acid down where it should be.
  9. Babywearing is a great way for Dads to bond with baby
  10. Perfect for travel - you might be allowed to take your pram to the Departure Gate but it's usually not allowed on the plane. Using a carrier means your hands are free to carry your hand luggage onto the plane - particularly valuable when travelling with little ones by yourself! 

Belly Beyond has a large range of carriers available so you are bound to find the perfect carrier for you. Don't forget many families have more than one carrier!  If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask our experienced team.

Baby Slings
Soft Structured Carriers 
Wrap Style Carriers
Front Packs  

Australia+NZ Babywearing Week

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8th to 14th October 2012


What's happening for Australia & NZ Babywearing Week at Belly Beyond!

What is Australia & New Zealand Babywearing Week 2012?

Each year, as part of a national celebration, babywearing parents across Australia and New Zealand invite their local communities to join babywearing events that they have initiated and organised. Each event is in the running to win up to $3000 worth of community grants and babywearing prizes to donate to the event’s own nominated local community project, or not for profit organisation. The theme this year is ‘Carrying on Traditions’ and events will run from 8th to 14th October 2012.  Check out more details on the Australia & New Zealand Babywearing Week website.


Counterfeit and Fake ERGObaby Carrier Websites

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We are getting a lot on enquiries and feedback about fake ERGObaby sites. 

 It is very difficult to detect a fake carrier online since counterfeit websites use official Ergobaby imagery and products copy– some are so brazen as to site authorised Distibutors  contact details!  If a site is selling ERGOs for $89 or $119 it's going to be fake!!!   The product either never arrives or when it is unsafe to use with your baby.

Counterfeit products are exempt from any manufacturer’s warranty policy and we would caution anyone thinking about using counterfeit products for their questionable safety, comfort and reliability.

Ergobaby counterfeits are:

  • made with inferior material and parts – particularly the buckles
  • not product tested for safety standards
  • not covered by any Product Insurance
  • not covered by Product Warranty
  • not likely to comply with US lead-free criteria

The only way to ensure you don't get fooled by a fake is to purchase Ergobaby products be through authorized Ergobaby stores such as Belly Beyond.









Be wary of websites that contain Ergobaby anywhere in the domain name (other than the Authorized Retailers list). If you are viewing Ergobaby products online anywhere other than in the US or an Authorized Retailer in the US or globally, and the domain name includes "ERGO" or any variation/repetition of this word, the site could be selling counterfeits.

For a more comprehensive list, please visit : HERE


Tips for using your ERGObaby Carrier - Hip Carry Position

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Part III - Hip Carry Position

The Hip Carry position is a handy variation to know. You can start using the Hip Carry as soon as your baby is old enough to hold their head up by themselves and wrap their legs around you - generally that's around 4-6 months old.

We find it's fantastic for curious little ones not quite ready for the back carry although because they are on your hip, you're hands aren't quite as free as they are in the front or back carry.  Great for cuddles!

Tips for using your ERGObaby Carrier - Back Carry Position

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Here's some handy tips on how to use the ERGObaby as your little one grows.


Part II - Back Carry Position

Usually around 6 months, a child will be happy moving to your back. We recommend you have another person with you to help for the first time you try this carry but with a small amount of practice you should find you can easily do it by yourself.

Don't forget to do the ERGO dance - which is bouncing gently up and down once you've secured baby in the carrier - as this will help settle your little one when they are in the carrier.

And here's an another version showing a 7 month old being put into the back carry from the Belly Beyond TV archives. You can use which ever method you are most comfortable with.

You probably already know that the ERGObaby is recommended for use up to 20kg and this video shows you what 20kg in an ERGObaby actually looks like!

We are happy to help by telephone, skype or in store if you have any queries about your ERGObaby Carrier just let us know!
Contact us

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Tips for using your ERGObaby Carrier - Infant Insert

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Here's some handy tips on how to use the ERGObaby as your little one grows.


Part 1 - Tips for using the Infant insert

In our experience, some babies gain excellent head control from 12 weeks but even if they do so, they still need additional support. If this is the case, you can remove the pillow from the insert and use that alone to sit on inside the ERGObaby Carrier. This props them at an appropriate height without confining them in the insert.

Fitting tips

The cushioned Shell combined with the removable Pillow can be used together for newborns to ensure they are seated correctly and have the head and neck support provided by cushioned outside layer (for Babies from newborn to 4-5 months, and from 3.2 to 5.5 kg / 7 to 12 pounds).

Larger newborns that still need the head and neck support can use the Heart2Heart™ outer Shell layer, without the Pillow (for babies that are under 4 months, but over 5.5 kg / 12 pounds).

Smaller infants that have strong head and neck control but lack the height for correct positioning in the Ergobaby Carrier can use the pillow without the outer layer. (Babies that are over 4 months, but under 5.5kg / 12 pounds).

Want it?

ERGObaby Infant Insert

Fake ERGObaby Carrier Warning

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In the interest of baby safety, we are spreading the word about the growing amount of fake ERGObaby Carriers being sold in both New Zealand and Australia.  The only way to be sure the carrier you are buying is not a fake is to buy from a registered stockist like Belly Beyond.



Important Notice

ERGObaby Carriers have become an international parenting phenomenon. The brand is so popular that there are now a number of factories producing Counterfeit ERGObaby Carriers. These fake carriers are UNSAFE for your baby. We have received numerous reports of counterfeit carriers failing and jeopordising baby safety. It is very difficult to detect a fake carrier online since counterfeit websites use official ERGObaby imagery. Keep your baby safe - please ensure you purchase from an authorised stockist. For further information about counterfeit carriers, please click here.

NEWSFLASH: There are three new FAKE sites which currently claim to be the Australian Distributor of ERGObaby and even list their contact details.  Please do NOT buy from the following sites, they are FAKE: - -

Rest assured ERGObaby are currently working vigilantly through international legal parameters to bring these sites down but in the meantime, in the interest of baby safety, please spread the word to other parents via Facebook and parenting forums. Thanks for your support.

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Buy a GENUINE ERGObaby Carrier with their bullet proof 1 year warranty from Belly Beyond, we have the largest range in New Zealand are the number one NZ retailer.

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