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Now Stocking Haakaa Products!

Written by Vanessa on September 20th, 2018.      0 comments

We've been asked so many times from our beloved customers to stock Haakaa products and because we always (well mostly) do as we are asked, we have listened! You will now find a range of Haakaa's finest products available on our website.

If you wondering what the great excitement is about Haakaa, well for starters they are a 100% family owned and New Zealand run company which we absolutely love!

Haakaa was developed through a struggle to find non-toxic and safe products for a special girl called Courtney. Being born with Autism among other disabilities, her parents top priority became protecting her health and preserving the environment for her future and so, Haakaa was born. Realising they could develop a range that is not only convenient and versatile, but also safe for more parents and their babies, Courtney's parents have developed an exciting range.

All Haakaa products are made using environmentally friendly and safe raw materials such as stainless steel, glass, bamboo, and natural rubber. All haakaa products are designed and tested in New Zealand, manufactured in selected advanced international factories under strict quality controls and designed and tested against the worlds highest safety standards.  Again, we absolutely love, love this!

Haakaa Breast Pump 150ml and Flower Stopper Set

From the famous silicone breast pump that is recommended by midwives, to pacifiers and even toothbrushes, you are sure to find something that you and your family will also love.

Harlem Shake - Shop Original NZ

Written by Lou on February 10th, 2013.      0 comments

Those of you with teenagers in the house or yourself just very plugged in to what's going on in social media, will be familiar with the latest internet craze, the Harlem Shake. 

The Belly Beyond Shop made a perfect location to create our very own Harlem Shake Vid and special mention to Heidi busting out her signature move - check it out!

We love it when new Memes hit the net and when we saw this we knew we had to give it a go.   As you can probably tell, both Belly Beyond families had an absolutely brilliant time shooting it.  Can you spot the dog in the hawaiian shirt?
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