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Gorgeous Baby Gift Ideas

Written by Vanessa on May 30th, 2017.      0 comments

It can be hard to find the perfect baby shower or new baby gift.  You want something that both bubs & the new parents will love, i.e non noisy!

The stunning toy range from Weegoamigo is perfect.  

The handmade, yes you read that correctly, handmade! crochet rattles are so cute with striking colours & textures and they are the perfect size for teensy tiny hands to hold.  Plus they are machine washable which is an added bonus for parents!

Weegoamigo Crochet Rattle - Icy Icecream - Lifestyle 1
Weegoamigo Icy Icecream Crochet Rattle
Weegoamigo Crochet Rattle - Unique Unicorn - Lifestyle
Weegoamigo Unique Unicorn Crochet Rattle

A perfect cuddly companion for a little poppet is one of the gorgeous characters from the Weegoamigo Pearl Knit range. One of these would be sure to become the lucky recipient's best friend for life!
They are specially woven to be tactile which makes them perfect for cuddles & they have a weighted bottom which allows them to sit so they can look beautiful on a shelf when they aren't being cuddled & they can attend tea parties with their new best friend.

Weegoamigo Pearl Knit Toy - Monkey - Lifestyle 2
Weegoamigo Monkey Pearl Knit Toy
Weegoamigo Pearl Knit Toy - Lamb - Lifestyle 2
Weegoamigo Lamb Pearl Knit Toy

Check out the whole adorable range here

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