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Keep Cool Over Summer Whilst Babywearing

Written by Vanessa on February 8th, 2017.      0 comments

Babies love to be held close by their favourite adults, especially mum and dad, but babywearing during summer (or if you are lucky enough to be off on a tropical holiday during winter) can create challenges!

Try these tips to help you and bubs stay cool, comfortable and sun protected while enjoying summer adventures together.

  • Dress Accordingly: Light and airy clothes are best, whether your style is 100% cotton or linen or sporty performance fabrics. Remember the carrier counts as an extra layer so dressing baby down a layer will help keep them comfortable.
  • ‘Skin to Skin’ Contact: Studies show skin to skin contact triggers natural bio-rhythms that regulate mother and baby’s body temperature. So in summer, a mother’s chest will naturally cool down to help cool baby and the reverse is true in winter. Babywearing – just the way nature intended!
  • Moisture Barrier: A small square of muslin or cotton between you and baby can help absorb moisture without losing the benefit of skin to skin contact, and can be easily swapped out to minimise any sweatiness.
  • Stay in the Shade: If it’s not possible to stay in the shade, make your own!  A hat with a big brim can provide both of you with quite a bit of shade!  An umbrella or parasol can also come in handy to protect you both from the heat of the sun.
  • Boost the Airflow:Try a hand-held fan to keep you and your baby cool. Babies lose the most heat from their heads, so limit covering baby’s head when not required for sun protection. 
  • Water, Water, Water: Keep you and your child hydrated by drinking plenty of liquids. Plus you can cool off as needed with a little spray bottle for spritzing hands, feet and hair.
  • Adjust your Schedule: Plan activities for the coolest parts of the day – early mornings or after the sun has passed its peak. A hot day is the perfect excuse for a siesta!
  • Pick a suitable carrier:  Choosing a baby carrier that is best suited to warmer weather will help keep you and baby cool.

Our picks for summer babywearing are the Ergobaby 360 'Cool Air' Carrier, the Lillebaby Complete Airflow Carrier range and the BabyBjorn One Mesh Carrier range.

Ergo - Carrier - Performance - Carbon Grey - Lifestyle
Ergobaby 360 'Cool Air' Carrier
Lillebaby Complete Airflow Carrier - Black - Lifestyle 5
Lillebaby Complete Airflow Carrier

Baby Bjorn - Carrier One - Silver Mesh
BabyBjorn One Mesh Carrier


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