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The Importance of Preventing Falls from Beds

Written by Vanessa on May 29th, 2018.      0 comments

The below link is such a sad story that was simply an accident but it could have been prevented which is why the brave mum has shared her story:

These are the latest statistics available from the NZ Ministry of Health.

The 2014/15 numbers of publicly funded hospital discharges aged 0-2 with the following first reported external cause codes:
W00-W19 Falls - 1544
W06 Fall involving bed - 215
W06.2 Fall involving cot - 20
W06.3 Fall involving bassinet - 4
W06.4 Fall involving cradle - 0
W06.5 Fall involving hammock - 1
W06.9 Fall involving unspecified bed - 123

So,13.9% of fall hospital discharges in the 0-2 age range involve a bed, this is roughly equivalent to 1 in 7.

According to the inventor and founder of Safe T Sleep Sleepwraps Miriam Rutherford-van Gisbergen, these types of injuries are definitely preventable and parents deserve to know about a product that, since its market conception in 1992, has enjoyed 100% SAFETY SUCCESS. She has spent her adult working life helping mothers and babies and working together with Medical Professionals and organisations including Marae to help prevent these types of tragedies.

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The Safe T Sleep Sleepwraps are designed to:

Prevent your baby:
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