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Babywearing and Exercise

Written by Lou on January 9th, 2014.      0 comments

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If you're not interested in thinking about excercise all good but if you are, then the start of the New Year can be the perfect time to make positive changes, and we all know motherhood requires physical strength. There is lots of lifting, carrying, and twisting involved in caring for a baby. A fitness routine will improve your ability to care for your baby, as well as take care of your own health.

Babywearing and exercise can help you feel unstoppable, as you include baby in your fitness routine, and kiss goodbye to the excuse of never being able to find the time.

The best recipe for New Year post-baby fitness is a combination of cardio and strength and core work. You need to burn calories with the cardio and rebuild your muscle tone with the strength work. Core work will help you get back into good postural alignment and regain strength in your abs.

Benefits of baby friendly exercise:

·         more achievable (no need to fit in around baby’s schedule – baby can sleep in the carrier)
·         more affordable (no need to pay a babysitter)
·         more enjoyable (in a group setting or outdoors)
·         more accountable (build relationships and receive encouragement from fellow moms)
·         more effective (baby weight increases mom’s weight bearing capacity)
·         a great fun time to bond with baby!

Yoga for Strength
Yoga and babywearing are a natural fit as the meditative nature helps soothe baby and since it’s low-impact, it’s very easy to involve baby in the practice. Join a local class, or practise some postures in your own backyard or living room.

Cardio for Burning Calories
Some people find it perfectly easyl to hit the trails with baby on board. But if you’re intimidated by strenuous outdoor activities like hiking, remember more family-friendly urban expeditions like shopping, sightseeing, or visiting the zoo or a museum will contribute to your fitness just was well.

Ease back into exercise.
Don’t expect to be able to jump right back to where you were before pregnancy. Slow and steady is the way to go! Set a goal, and work up to exercising at least 4 days a week for about 30-45 minutes. Don’t worry if your 45 minutes is broken up into three 15 minute chunks throughout the day. It still counts!

Getting Dressed for Babywearing Fitness Success
The Ergobaby Performance Carrier in True Blue or Charcoal, along with the new Performance Ventus Carrier are perfect for baby-wearing exercise, with their unique qualities of moisture-wicking and breathability.


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