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Beyond Awesome Voting and Prize Pool

Written by Lou on June 23rd, 2014.      0 comments

Beyond Awesome

Voting runs from 23 June 2014 to midnight on 4th July 2014 and you can see the results live on our Facebook page.  See the options below or on our Facebook page.


The Total Prize Pool = $5,382

RRP = Recommended Retail Price for each item
  • 10 x Baby Amber Teething Necklaces, RRP$29.95 each
  • 1 x Isoki Angel Hobo Nappy Bag, RRP$229
  • 4 x Ripe Dresses, RRP $129.95 each
  • 6 x Decorlicious Kinder Bags, RRP$49.95 each
  • 1 x Chibebe Snuggle Pod and Pod Rocker set, RRP$148.95
  • 1 x Isoki Change Mat Clutch, RRP$32.95
  • 1 x Isoki Petite Traveller, RRP$34.95
  • 1 x Isoki Polar Pouch, RRP $34.95
  • 2 x HOTmilk Lingerie First Light bra and underwear sets, RRP$94.80 each
  • 1 x ERGObaby Earth Carrier, RRP$229
  • 1 x ERGObaby X-tra Carrier, RRP$229
  • 8 x Bubbly Bubs RRP$9.95 each
  • 1 x Babymel Fawn Dot Satchel, RRP$129
  • 1 x Storksak Emily Nappy Bag, RRP $259
  • 1 x Medela Swing Breast Pump, RRP$349
  • 1 x Ecosprout Hooded Baby Towel 2 pack , RRP$39.95
  • 1 x Ecosprout Embroidered Bassinet Sheet Set, RRP$54.95
  • 1 x Ecosprout Embroidered Cot Sheet Set, RRP$74.95
  • 3 x La Leche Leqgue Sports Bras, RRP$39.95 each
  • 1 x Unimom Mezzo Breast Pump, RRP$39
  • 1 x Unimom Storage Bags, RRP$9.50
  • 1 x Unimom Bottles 3 pk, RRP$9.95
  • 2 x OiOi Messenger Nappy Bag, RRP$199 each
  • 1 x Babu Sleeping Bag, RRP $129
  • 1 x Mumanu Pregnancy Pillow, RRP$89
  • 1 x Jellystone Necklace, RRP$45
  • 1 x Jellystone Organic Bangle, RRP$24
  • 1 x Jellybones Change Mat Clutch, RRP$35
  • 7 x Totally Devoted Feeding Cookies, RRp $5.95 each9
  • 5 x Birth to Earth placenta packs, RRP$39.95 each
  • 4 x Brolly Sheets king singles, RRP$52.95
  • 1 x Skip*Hop Blossom Dash Deluxe Nappy Bag, RRP$129
  • 4 x Mumi&Bubi Solid Starter Kits, RRP$34.95 each
  • 1 x Lamington Socks, RRP$14.95
  • 2 x Lamingtson Adult Socks, $25.95 each
  • 2 x Made4Baby Gift Packs, RRP$49.95 each
  • 1 x Aden+Anais Bamboo Swaddles, RRP$69.95
  • 1 x Aden+Anais Snap Bibs set, RRP$29.95
  • 1 x Lou & Olly Merino Blanket RRP$174
  • 10 x OHbaby! Magazines $8.95 each
RRP is current at time of publishing and may differ to the current price on our site. E & OE. 



Option 1

10 x $500 prize packs

We will hand-pick an even value split of the pack for 10 lucky people to enjoy or share around.  No two packs will be the same but we guarantee each will be awesome in their own right.

Option 2

1 x $5,000 prize pack

The whole kit and kaboodle - there will be alot of double ups in this pack, if you can't use 10 of something, then don't choose this option.  PLEASE NOTE: For this option only, it would not be possible to send to a winner outside NZ.

Option 3

95 individual prizes

You might win the Ergobaby, you might win a pack of feeding cookies or a pair of Lamington Socks - you take your chances with this one.  PLEASE NOTE: For this option, and this option only, we would need to charge a $4 p&p charge for each prize claimed.

Option 4

2 x $2,500 prize packs

We will combine 5 of the $500 prize packs and bundle them up to send to TWO lucky people.

Option 5

5 x $1000 prize packs

Share the love!  5 people will get a $1080 share of the prize pool.  Each pack will be slightly different but guaranteed awesome and hand-picked by us.

Depending on the way in which the prize is given away, the total prize pool will be split as evenly as possible across the split, eg if Option 5 is chosen, then winners will receive a prize pack as close an even split of 5 ways as possible.


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