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Chase the Chick Competition

Written by Lou on March 26th, 2013.      0 comments

Chickbanner2013Three Easter chicks have escaped within the Belly Beyond website and are causing havoc!  

From 26 March one chick is going to reveal itself some where on the website within a product.

Find out what you are playing for each day and get clues to narrow down the search area on our Facebook page.


  • Use the clues on our Facebook page to find the photo of the Chase the Chick Banner (left) that is hidden on the Belly Beyond website.  
  • To enter, once you've found the photo use the Product Query link IN THAT PRODUCT, (under the product photos) to email us, to be in the draw for the day - easy peasy!  Winners are chosen at random from emails received.


    Shout it out on your Facebook wall, tag us in @belly beyond (so we can see) and tell the world what a smarty pants you are!!  This part isn't compulsory, just a bit of fun :) 

Terms and conditions:
1.  Chase the Chick runs week days, from 26 to 29 March.
2.  Belly Beyond reserves the right to amend any or all terms and conditions or discontinue this competition without notice.



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