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Ergobaby Carrier Sangria - Review

Written by Lou on May 21st, 2013.      0 comments

Kristy was the lucky winner of our Ergobaby Sangria Easter Competition, here's her review!


The Ergobaby Carrier is a must have for all parents. It is easy to use, lightweight and comfortable for the wearer and baby.

Once I had the chest strap adjusted so I could reach it easily while wearing as a front pack, it was so simple to get the pack on and off. Amelia seemed to be in a comfortable position, nice and close to my chest and she could look around or drift of to sleep with ease. I love the sun/wind cover that fastens to the shoulder straps for when she needs to have a sleep or for some protection from the elements. Its easy to just pull it over her head and she is covered and warm.

I also love the large pocket on the front which is perfect for my phone, wallet and keys so my hands are free for whatever I want.
I found this carrier perfect for any situation. From beach and bush walks where a pushchair is almost impossible, to the airport or shopping where I don't want to be trying to push a pram through people or around aisles. I love this carrier and it comes with us everywhere as an essential part of our outings.

Thank you so much to the wonderful ladies at Belly Beyond for allowing me to review this product. We love being able to have Amelia close to us in a comfortable and practical carrier.  :)

I am looking forward to more beach adventures (weather permitting) at Queens Birthday weekend and I know this carrier will be a huge part of being able to take Amelia with me on those adventures.



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