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Made4Kids Super Shiny Shampoo and Spray In Knots Out Detangler and Conditioner Giveaway

Written by Vanessa Stuart on March 5th, 2015.      0 comments

Summer Hair and Skin - Solutions for Kids!

There are lots of fab things about Summer - beach, sun and swimming. But for many Mums this equals more hair dramas. Chlorine wrecks havoc on hair and you really need to make sure it gets washed out after every swim (this includes boys). 

Made4Kids comes to the rescue with our natural, made in New Zealand, Super Shiny Shampoo - this is available in Fragrance Free (great for anyone large or small with sensitive skin) and yummy natural Watermelon. Kids love having their own shampoo and it makes hair less knotty too!
And if knots or "sticky up hair" are your problem, then your solution lies in Made4Kids Spray In Knots Out Detangler and Conditioner. This can be used on wet or dry hair and if you need an extra dollop of conditioner just unscrew the trigger pump and get a coin size of conditioner. Great to calm down boys hair too!

Don't take our word for it, check out 3 year old Mia: "We had tried 3 different sprays and the chemicals in each of them had really bothered her scalp causing severe itching so we had to discontinue after one try. We use the detangler every time we wash her hair and she is definitely not a fan of having her hair brushed – we called it “Magic spray” when we used it and her exact words were “Mummy, it IS magic, it doesn’t hurt” - honestly, word for word- was too cute."

Make life easier with Made4Kids Super Shiny Shampoo and Spray In Knots Out Detangler and Conditioner.

We have 2 Sets to Giveaway, choose either Fragrance Free or Watermelon.



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