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Milkman Wishbone - Perfect for Valentines Day

Written by Lou on February 6th, 2014.      0 comments


The unique MILKMAN Wishbone™ design gently lifts and holds your package without the use of restrictive elastic straps and pouches that other support jocks require. The support technology is built right into the soft cotton fabric design. Pretty cool right?

THE RESULT: Uncompromising comfort and support where you need it most. The Wishbone™ feels just like you are being held... because you are!


Milkman Underwear are usually $31.90 now just $14.50!  Perfect for your Valentine.

pssssst.  You can also get at least 20% off Cake and Hotmilk Bras and Briefs with code YUMMYMUMMY until 14/2/14



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