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Nappy Bag - What to pack

Written by Lou on December 31st, 2012.      0 comments

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What do I look for in a Nappy Bag and what do I pack in it?

Good questions!   We've got hundreds of different nappy bags to choose from and stock only the ones we know will last the distance.  That means all you need to do is pick one that appeals to your style and budget. 

Key things to look for in a nappy bag:

  • Change mat
  • Stroller straps (or at least a shoulder strap that can be hung over the stroller handle)
  • Bottle storage.  Even if you breastfeed these extra pouches are convenient for your water bottle and because they're insulated they protect your bags against leaks and are great for mini snack-packs too
  • A place for YOUR stuff.  Sure you need space to put baby's things but you also need a space to put your wallet, keys, cellphone, and lippy that's easy to access and secure.

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So you've found the perfect Nappy Bag but aren't sure what you're going to actually put in it?

There are key things that every mum with little ones will almost always need.
  1. Nappies
  2. Wipes: travel packs are handy but make sure you've got enough left before you set out for the day - nothing worse than having to deal with a number two and running out of wipes! 
  3. Wet Bag:  this is a polite way of saying something to put the messy stuff in.   Whether you are using disposable or cloth nappies and it's handy to put any soiled clothes into as well until you get home
  4. Change of clothes:  it's amazing how much comes out of babies and a change of clothes is a good idea in case of an up-chuck or a poo-explosion
  5. Change mat
  6. Nappy cream
  7. Bottle feeding stuff or not, if you are breastfeeding
  8. As baby grows and moves onto solids you can add baby food, a spare teaspoon, bibs and sippy cup to the list
  9. A favourite toy for distraction or comfort
  10. Sunscreen
  11. Hand Sanitiser
  12. Light blanket or muslin wrap - these are handy for everything.  Burp cloth, playmat, change mat cover, stroller or capsule cover
  13. A snack for you - your body needs fuel, keep it fed!


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