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New Zealand Infant Sleep Study

Written by Lou on September 14th, 2012.      0 comments

Are you a first time parent?

As a first time parent you may wonder if your infant is sleeping worse than other infants of the same age.

You may ask yourself: is my child getting enough sleep? Am I getting enough sleep? It sure feels like you aren’t getting enough sleep! Are they a problem sleeper or are you simply having a harder-than-usual time dealing with it? If you are sure they are a problem sleeper, then how bad is the problem compared to other infants with or without sleep problems?

Participate in a NZ Sleep Study run by Unitec

If you and your partner are currently raising your first child, then you are invited to participate in a research project to record family sleep patterns. We are looking for families with two parents and infants between 4 – 9 months old. Participation in this study involves filling in a sleep diary for one week per month for three months for yourself, your partner and your infant. Some participants may be asked to wear a small sleep/motion sensor.  The study is seeking both infants that have problems sleeping and those that do not.


You can find more info on the study and how to apply here



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