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Tips for using your ERGObaby Carrier - Back Carry Position

Written by Lou on August 22nd, 2012.      0 comments

Here's some handy tips on how to use the ERGObaby as your little one grows.


Part II - Back Carry Position

Usually around 6 months, a child will be happy moving to your back. We recommend you have another person with you to help for the first time you try this carry but with a small amount of practice you should find you can easily do it by yourself.

Don't forget to do the ERGO dance - which is bouncing gently up and down once you've secured baby in the carrier - as this will help settle your little one when they are in the carrier.

And here's an another version showing a 7 month old being put into the back carry from the Belly Beyond TV archives. You can use which ever method you are most comfortable with.

You probably already know that the ERGObaby is recommended for use up to 20kg and this video shows you what 20kg in an ERGObaby actually looks like!

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