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Tips for using your ERGObaby Carrier - Infant Insert

Written by Lou on August 22nd, 2012.      0 comments

Here's some handy tips on how to use the ERGObaby as your little one grows.


Part 1 - Tips for using the Infant insert

In our experience, some babies gain excellent head control from 12 weeks but even if they do so, they still need additional support. If this is the case, you can remove the pillow from the insert and use that alone to sit on inside the ERGObaby Carrier. This props them at an appropriate height without confining them in the insert.

Fitting tips

The cushioned Shell combined with the removable Pillow can be used together for newborns to ensure they are seated correctly and have the head and neck support provided by cushioned outside layer (for Babies from newborn to 4-5 months, and from 3.2 to 5.5 kg / 7 to 12 pounds).

Larger newborns that still need the head and neck support can use the Heart2Heart™ outer Shell layer, without the Pillow (for babies that are under 4 months, but over 5.5 kg / 12 pounds).

Smaller infants that have strong head and neck control but lack the height for correct positioning in the Ergobaby Carrier can use the pillow without the outer layer. (Babies that are over 4 months, but under 5.5kg / 12 pounds).

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