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What do people say about Ergobaby Carriers?

Written by Lou on October 22nd, 2013.      0 comments


Here's a compiliation of just some of the great feedback we get from our customers about their Ergobaby Carrier purchase.

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Just wanted to let you know that using the Ergo has been something of a revelation for me. I'd heard good things about it from various friends/websites, but had no idea just what a big difference it would make to my life. My main purpose in purchasing one was so that i could move round the house and get basic housework done with baby on board, but I hadn't anticipated just how amazing it would be for breastfeeding - my baby is going through a rather gymnastic stage and having him sitting up facing me in the Ergo is much easier than trying to hold him in my arms.

It is also amazing for him to sleep in - 5 minutes rocking in the front position with the hood up and he is sound asleep. He recently slept for 1.5 hours in the front position, while I walked home from a local park, along a busy road and over a motorway and he didn't stir at all.

Thanks for much for stocking such a wonderful product - I've been raving about it to all my friends with babies.

Great love this product! So easy to breast feed in out in public in complete privacy. I also use it to do house work. Our baby is 5 weeks so we use the heart to heart insert which is great and a must with such a small baby. It is a lot of money but so worth it.
This carrier is amazing!

I bought it to carry my newborn daughter when I take the boys (in the pram) for walks in the morning. It's fantastic and so light weight and comfortable!

We went on a family trip up to Auckland a month ago and I put my daughter and 2 year old son in the pram and my husband carried our 3 year old son in the Ergo on his back while we trecked around Auckland and it was fantastic!

I would definitely recommend this carrier to everyone!

We use ours everyday. It is the best for shopping with 2 little ones, easy to privatly breast feed (which some how needs to be done everytime we get groceries), and then she's comfy and naps when she needs.
I have used this for 2 children now, and even when pregnant would have our toddler in the backpack (seemed to balance out things!).
Well worth the investment for ease in daily life. I'd like to get another just to use while one is in the wash!
We have just spent the last 3 days wondering around Wellington with our 7month old in her Ergo with absolutely no problems and she could still look around too which was great as there was no boredom on her part.

Previous to this we had been for bush walks in Pelorous while she was still in the heart to heart insert and that was great too.
If she falls asleep against us (which often happens) she still has a clear airway and gets a really good sleep.

I love my Ergo and have recommended it to lots of people :-)
After hearing rave reviews from a friend, we purchased the Ergo in preparation for an overseas trip. The Ergo was, and still is, FABULOUS! It was used everyday as we traveled all over the UK and parts of Europe for more than a month with our 9 month old son, visiting all the major attractions, that inevitably had 100s of stairs! One of the most memorable would be visiting St. Paul's Cathedral in London... our bub slept through the entire climb of over 600 steps to reach the top, snug and sound in his Ergo despite a somewhat steep and narrow climb.
Ergo's are the best!!! So good, we have have purchased two of them!!! Comfy for both the wearer and child. My son loves going in the Ergo!
Absolutely love ergo baby carrier, my baby used to sleep so well in it (when she was only few months old). We bought the insert as well and we have been using it every where!!!on her stroller, in her bassinette and cot, also on the plane as a cushioning under her. Absolutely fantastic product!!! Even our dog loves it, because when ever I take it out he knows he is getting his daily walks!!!

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