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Cake Lingerie and Belly Beyond proudly introduce our Real NZ Mums

Not many competitions require winners to bare all, especially not those ‘in the family way’, but the Cake Lingerie competition did just that, with a nationwide search for four gorgeous New Zealand ‘Real Mums’ to be the faces and bellies of the Cake brand for 2010.

In conjunction with Cake Lingerie, the competition was created and organised by Louisa Currie and Heidi Riley, friends and founders of website Belly Beyond, and the resulting photo shoot will help launch the new Cake Lingerie range to the world. The organisers are thrilled with the response from entrants and support for their campaign. “Our desire was not to use existing models or a catalogue shot offshore,” says Louisa. “We wanted to show just how beautiful the mums-to-be in our own towns and neighbourhoods are” she said “and show them off to the world”.

“Choosing just four participants was a challenge. There were so many great and deserving women who entered, but the four we chose just had something really special about them", said Heidi.

The photo shoot and resulting images were such a success that Cake Lingerie have been inundated with media requests about it.  "We are so proud to have been able to put the search together and create these amazing shots that highlight and celebrate real mums as well as showcase how gorgeous Cake Lingerie is" says Louisa.  "Cake definitely took a chance letting us run this for them, but we think that results and interest in our Real NZ Mums speak for themselves!" adds Heidi.

Introducing the Cake Lingerie Real NZ Mums...



Maree is mum to her daughter (2) and was 29 weeks pregnant at the Real Mums shoot.  From Waikato, Maree's husband was the one that entered her into the competition!

Maree_crop.jpgA letter from Maree
I really enjoyed the photo shoot and it was inspiring being around the other women who were also proud about their pregnancy.

We are all unique individuals brought together for a special day. The more time we spent together the more comfortable we all became. I loved having a 'girlie' day and trying on a product that is great quaility, sexy, beautiful and well fitting. It made for a really nice 'timeout' from the reality of being a mum who is usually busy running around covered in food and cleaning up after a little person!

I felt appreciated and special because of the way that we were looked after on the day of the shoot. Our needs were well catered for and it was evident how professional and organised the whole team were. The all girl crew where awesome and the direction was amazing and we were made to look and feel like a million bucks. My favourite Cake item was the Plum Pudding lingerie - it moulds so well, almost like a second skin and helps bring everything back into the middle so "the girls" (breasts) don't end up travelling East and West or like with other feeding bras that either give you a mono-boob where there is no gap between each breast or disappear and cause the ladies to flatten and go South!!

It was a special day for sure and one I won't forget. As mums, our bodies go through much transition during each pregnancy and we need to work hard to stay looking good and feeling good. Cake ticks both the boxes!



Debbie was 31 weeks pregnant and a first-time Mum and is from the North Shore of Auckland

Thoughts from Debbie
My highlights would have been meeting the other girl and those beautiful twins!  I loved getting pampered with hair and make up too!  I just had a really good time. I was a little nervous as I have not done anything like that before but it was really fun and relaxed and I had a ball!

My favorite cake item was the dressing gown with the blue trim - it is stunning and will be going with me to the hospital so I can greet my visitors looking semi decent when bubba arrives!



Alisha.jpgAlisha is our gorgeous Nursing Mum.  She is mum to one son, (2 ½) and is proudly breastfeeding her 10 week old twin daughters who are just the sweetest little bundles!

Alisha holds a Bachelor of Science and prior to being a mum worked as a buyer and retail manager. She has plans to study Midwifery as soon as time allows.

A letter from Alisha
I was surprised and thrilled to be chosen to take part in the Belly Beyond ‘Real Mums’ shoot for Cake Lingerie.
I am a mother of three beautiful children, our son 2 ½ and our 10 week old twin daughters.  When I entered the competition and after researching the brand my initial thoughts and intentions were that I was impressed by the femininity of Cake Lingerie and it was a brand I would like to represent and be part of the Cake Vision. I thought it would be a fun experience, and was impressed with the prize package. With the arrival and breastfeeding my twin daughters I myself needed new lingerie and sleepwear and the unique opportunity to have professional photographs and the potential for them to be used in an international campaign was exciting. I believe breast is best and wanted to be a role model for breastfeeding mothers.
My pregnancy with our twins became long and strenuous on my body. I felt heavy, exhausted and experienced a very uncomfortable sleep. I feel very lucky to have my precious angels as part of my family and having had the experience of pregnancy, a natural spontaneous delivery at 36 weeks and being a Mum. The day of the shoot started out busy organising myself and the children for the morning ahead and a 7 am start. When we arrived the atmosphere was relaxed and warm. It was great to see lots of smiles and meet the other Real Mums. Everyone was genuinely excited to be participating and Louisa and Heidi were very well organised which made everything run so smoothly. Thankfully I had the help of my Au Pair Nadja whom I trusted with the girls and kept them settled so I could continue to relax and enjoy the experience. As a result of the personalities of the women involved I was relaxed in front of the camera and it was fun. I also was proud to have my children involved as part of the campaign. What more could a girl ask for, I felt special and good in my self; I was pampered and surrounded by inspiring women, and wearing a gorgeous product!
I believe Cake Lingerie will be very successful for pregnant and breastfeeding mums. Everything I have seen in the range I love and would personally wear myself. Cake Lingerie is made from divine fabrics which are soft, comfortable, functional and practical. As a breastfeeding mother these qualities are so important. Both ‘A Slice of Heaven’ and ‘Let Them Eat Cake’ collections are irresistible; I will live in my Blueberry Torte Sleepwear, and can’t wait to show off my lingerie.
I would like to personally thank Cake Lingerie, Louisa and Heidi from Belly Beyond, Lisa from Image Me, the Stylists and all the Real Mums that joined me in this experience. I will never forget it!
Alisha ♥♥♥


Chanel is mum to her 7 year old daughter and of course a proud mum-to-be sporting a beautiful 28 week pregnant bump at the Real Mums shoot.

Chanel is a practicing family lawyer who loves living next to the beach in Dunedin and the proximity of the South Islands highlights (Queenstown is a fave). 

Thoughts from Chanel

My highlight from the day was meeting the other girls and the production team, it was great to be with a diverse interesting group brought together by one commonality.

I really loved being done up and dressed up but also spending time with my co-winners who had such fantastic stories to share.  There was a real sense of camaraderie.  My favourite Cake Lingerie item was the Blueberry moulded bra that I was wearing, and the matching robe.  Beautiful!

It was so exciting being one of the winner of the competition and we were treated like princesses, I think the photos so reflect what fun we had!

Region:  Otago

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