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OHbaby! Spring 2014

Ohbaby-magazine-cover-26 tumb  OhbabySpring14  OhbabySpring14 1
Storksak Elizabeth Quilted Nappy Bag
OiOi Leather Tote Nappy Bag
Babymel Satchel Fawn Dot Nappy Bag

Nor West News - July 2014

Ergobaby Carriers

OHbaby! Autumn 2014

OhbabyAutm14Thumb  OhbabyA14b  OhbabyA14Sofia  OhbabyA14cthumb
Storksak Sofia Nappy Bag

Storksak Jamie Nappy Bag
Babymel Amanda Quilted Nappy Bag

OHbaby! Winter Fashion Feature April 2014

Hotmilk Harmony Nursing Top
Storksak Sofia Nappy Bag
Babymel Fawn Dot Satchel Nappy Bag
Isoki Angel Hobo Nappy Bag

Baby Bites March 2014

Cake Lingerie Orange Zest Sports Bra

TVNZ's Fair Go - March 2014

The popular consumer watchdog TV show, Fair Go, picked up the story of fake Ergobaby Carriers infiltrating the NZ market and asked us to appear to give our opinion, as NZ's genuine Ergobaby Carrier experts, on the dangers of the counterfeits.

Pippa Wetzell came out to talk to Louisa from Belly Beyond at our Distribution Warehouse.  Louisa says "I brought along a fake carrier that we'd been given by a customer who came to us to buy a genuine one".  "The Fair Go team were pretty aghast when I showed them how the waist belt could just be pulled apart without unclipping it - imagine if your child was in the carrier when that happened!"

It is very difficult to detect a fake carrier online since counterfeit websites often use official Ergobaby imagery and product copy – some are so brazen as to site authorised Distibutors contact details.  The only way you can be certain not to be ripped off is to buy from a registered stockist (yes, like Belly Beyond!).   WATCH THE FULL STORY ON DEMAND
Baby Bites - February 2014

Hotmilk Lingerie Mystery Bra

The Baby View - March 2014

Babymel Cara Navy Stripe Nappy Bag

NZ Herald - February 2014
Louisa is quoted in an article of the dangers of fake Ergobaby Carriers as counterfeiters continue to dupe Kiwi parents out of their money.  The message is clear - the only way to avoid buying a fake is to purchase from a registered stockist like Belly Beyond!
NZ Herald - December 2013

Heidi and Louisa feature in an article on the rise of Cyber Monday in NZ and their part in it - the shot is taken inside the new Belly Beyond distribution warehouse.
OHbaby! - January 2014


Zoras Rainbow

BabyBjorn One Carrier

Vespa Belly Wrap

Mumanu Pillow


Cake Lingerie Nursing Bras

La Leche League Sports Nursing Bra

Cake Lingerie Sherbet Nursing Bra

Hotmilk Nursing Bra

Our reinvented Babybjorn One is picked as the feature carrier.

Improve sleep and relieve lower back and hip pain with Mumanu Pillow.

For those who want to get rid of their jellybelly right after baby you can't go past the Vespa Belly Wrap

Summer sun is here but there's still rainbows a plenty in OHbaby with our Zoras Rainbows. 


OHbaby! - Winter 2013

OiOi Nappy Bag

Our OiOi Nappy Bag on the inside cover this issue, as part of the amazing Ohbaby Ultimate Competition
OHbaby! - Autum 2013

Boon Bubbles


Our Boon Bubbles are picked as one of the top new products by the OHbaby team - brilliant for bathtime fun for all ages.
Good Morning TVNZ - October 2012
Interview on Small Business featuring Louisa from Belly Beyond on the panel along with Bernard Hickey and Brent Spillane. 

Full Video on the blog here
Dominion Post - October 2012
Louisa is quoted on the rise of fake ERGObaby websites.

Buy from a registered stockist like Belly Beyond is the clear message here!


Bay of Plenty Times - September 2012
Interview with Heidi and Louisa on their Smartphone use
La Donna Moderna - September 2012
Interview with Louisa, Belly Beyond's 'Supreme Overlord'
LaDonnaModerna thumb
  OHbaby! Winter 2012

ERGObaby Petunia Pickle Bottom Carrier

Storksak Elizabeth Nappy Bag in Tan


Littlies - June 2012

Cake Lingerie - Apple Crumble Nightwear

NZ Retail Magazine - May 2012
NZretailcover 200  NZretail1
  NZretail2  NZretail3

OHbaby! Magazine - Autumn 2012

Inkless Frame

Cake Lingerie Cotton Candy Bra

ERGObaby Carrier Performance

Natures Sway Baby Sling

Babybjorn Spirit Carrier

OhbabyWinter12Cover thumb  OhbabyWinter12Inklessweb thumb  OhbabyWinter12CottonCandy thumb  OhbabyWinterBabyCarrier2 thumb

Littlies - March 2012

ERGObaby Organic Carrier - River Rock

LittliesCoverMar12Thumb LittliesMarch12thumbinside

Treasures - April 2012

Isoki Satchel Nappy Bag

Jellystone Designs Bangle

TreasuresApril2012Thumb TreasuresApril2012IsokiSatchelthumb
OHbaby Summer 2012

Skip Hop Zoo Lunchie - Owl

OhBabySummer11 thumb littliesmarinsidethumb
National Business Review
NBR Thumb
NZ Business Magazine Cover - November 2011
NZBusinessCover thumb  NZBusinessInside thumb    NZBusinessInside2 thumb
NZBusiness featured Louisa with her daughter and Heidi with her yongest son, on the cover of their November issue as well as a story regarding how we balance the business and family.
TVNZ Breakfast - December 2011
Little Treasures Magazine October/November 2011
Womama Birthing Wrap
Belly Bands
Nudey Rudey Organic Breast Pads
Tummy Ties
Skip*Hop Versa Nappy Bag
LittleTreasuresOct11_thumb.jpg  LittleTreasuresOct11_inside_thumb.jpg  LittleTreasuresOct11_inside2_thumb.jpg
OHbaby! Mag Spring 2011
Amber Teething Necklace
ERGObaby Grey Galaxy Carrier

OhbabySpring11_thumb.jpg  OhbabySpring11_inside_thumb.jpg  OhbabySpring11_inside_thumb1.jpg
Littlies Mag October 2011
Boon Flair High Chair

LittliesOct11_thumb.jpg  LittliesOct11_inside_thumb.jpg

Littlies Magazine Sept 2011
Skip*Hop Farmyard Friends Rattle Mirror

LittliesSep11_thumb.jpg  LittliesSep11insidecover.jpeg
OHbaby! Mag Autum 2011
La Leche Legue Sports Nursing Bra
Cake Lingerie Velvet Delight Nursing Bra
HOTmilk Blaze Nursing Bra

OHbabyAut.jpg  OHbabyWinter11_thumb.jpg
OHbaby! Magazine Autumn 2011

Isoki Baby Bowler - Mexican Birds
Lilypad Universal Stroller Liner

OhbabyAutumnCoverThumb.jpg  OhbabyAutumnInsideThumb.jpg
Littlies Magazine - April 2011
made4baby Belly Oil
SKIP*HOP Bookends
Vespa Belly Wraps
Isoki GlaMaMa Nappy Bag

LittliesApril2011Cover_thumb2.jpg LittliesApril2011Inside_thumb2.jpg
Littlies Magazine - March 2011
LittliesMarch11Cover_thumb.jpg LittliesMarch10OiOi_thumb.jpg
Littlies Magazine - January 2011
LittliesJan11_thumb.jpg LittliesJan11SkipHop_thumb.jpg
NZ Herald - September 2010
NZ Herald - March 2011
Littlies Pregnancy & Baby 2010-2011
SKIP*HOP Duo Deluxe Ocean Stripe
PregnancyLittlies_thumb.jpg PregnancyLittliesinside_thumb.jpg
Waitakere Enterprise - Annual Report 2010


love RED Magazine - October 2010
WestpacRedCover_thumb.jpg WestpacRedPage1 001_thumb.jpgWestpacRedPage2_thumb.jpg
OHbaby! Magazine Spring 2010
ERGObaby Carrier Organic Seagreen
SKIP*HOP Duo Deluxe Pink Links
Womama Birthing Wrap

OHbabySpring10Cover_thumb.jpg  OHbabySpring10Green_thumb.jpg   OHbabySpring10BackPage_thumb.jpg

Littlies Magazine - September 2010

Suvana Organic Paw Paw Balm

LittliesSept10Cover_thumb.jpg LittliesSept10Suvana_thumb.jpg

her Business Magazine - September 2010

Click the page to read the article


her Business Magazine - August 2010

HerMagAug10_thumb.jpg HerBiz_Bloom_page1_thumb.jpg  HerBiz_Bloom_page2_thumb.jpg

OHbaby! Magazine Winter 2010

Isoki Munch Bag

Sweet Cheeks Merino Nightie



COVER of Woman's Day - June 2010

Cake Lingerie Real NZ Mums

WomensDayCover_thumb1.jpg  WomensDayCake_thumb.jpg


Bloom Her Business Woman of the Year Awards - June 2010 







Littlies - June 2010


LittliesJune10_thumb.jpg LittliesJune10inside_thumb.jpg

North Shore Times - June 2010

Cake Lingerie Real NZ Mums


NZ Herald Online - May 2010

Cake Lingerie Real NZ Mums


Herald on Sunday - May 2010

Cake Lingerie Real NZ Mums



Central Leader - May 2010
Cake Lingerie Real Mums Search

Central Leader_thumb.jpg


Cake Lingerie Real Mums NZ Search!
Press Release
OHbaby! Magazine - April 2010
Littlies April 2010
Ameda Purely Yours Ultimate Pumping Set
Littlies March 2010
La Leche League Wrap N Snap Nursing Bra
Tummy Tie



Littlies February 2010
Smart Mum Teething Necklaces

LittliesFeb10_thumb.jpgLittliesFeb10inside 001.jpg
Baby Bites  - February 2010
Cake Lingerie
View the full article
Baby Bites  - January 2010
SKIP*HOP Zoo Packs
OHbaby! Magazine - December 2009

Breeze Baby Sling

Unido Baby Sling
OHbabyDec09cover_thumb.jpg  OHbabyDecinterior_thumb.jpg
her Business Magazine - December 2009
OHbaby! - November 2009
Congratulations Belly Beyond!
Baby Bites  - November 2009
Breeze Baby Sling
Business to Business  - October 2009
10 questions in 10 minutes:  Lou and Heidi answer the hard questions ;)
Littlies - September 2009
ERGObaby Sport Carrier
Baby Bites  - September 2009
Isoki Hobo Wild Orchid Nappy Bag
SKIP*HOP Duo Deluxe Nappy Bag

New Zealand Women's Weekly - August 2009
July 2009 "it's ok.  feed your baby" campaign
OhBaby July 2009
Two page spread! 
Baby Caterpillar Sleeping Bag (4th bag in)
Sweet Cheeks Merino Sleeping Bag (2nd bag in)
OhBaby 001_thumb.jpgOhBabyJulyII_thumb.jpgOhBabyJuly 001_thumb.jpg
TV3's Sunrise -July 2009
Littlies June 2009
ERGObaby Doll Carrier
Little Treasures June 2009
Isoki Petite Traveller
Diinglisar Cuddle Rugs
New Idea - May 2009
Isoki Hobo Retro Paisley
Littlies - May 2009

Isoki Change Clutch


OH Baby - April 2009



Preggi Bellies Training for Two DVD

ECOtanka Stainless Steel drink bottles

NZ Herald - April 2009
Littlies - April 2009
Isoki Baby Bag, Bahama Birds
Baby Bites - March 2008

dulce&zoet slings


OHbaby! - December 2008
Little Treasures - December 2008

BearView Mirror
LittleTreasures Cover Dec08 Thumb.jpgLittleTreasures Dec08 Thumb.jpg

OHbaby! - Spring 2008
OHbaby Spring08 thumb.jpgOHbaby Spring08 sling thumb.jpg

Littlies - October 2008

BearView Mirror

Littlies Cover Thumbnail.jpgLittlies Thumbnail.jpg
Little Treasures - August 2008

Birth Gift Pack

LittleTreasures Thumnail.jpgLittleTreasuresAugSept08Thumb.jpg
Oh Baby - Winter 2008
OHBaby Thumbnail.jpgOHbabywinter08Thumb.jpg
Little Treasures - New Baby Mag

Daddy Gift Pack

LittleTreasures Cover new baby issue thumbnail.jpgLittleTreasuresFREENEWBABTYdaddypackthumb.jpg
Ponsonby News - June 2008
Ponsonby News June 2008 thumbnail.jpgPonsNewsThumb.jpg
Feb 2009 - Zac steals the show as Louisa talks about Babywearing on TVONE's Breakfast program with Paul Henry and Pippa Wetzell.