Chase the Chick Solutions Page

Our recent Chase the Chick competition on the Belly Beyond Facebook page was a huge amount of fun and a big thanks to every one who got involved and made it such a success.  We had a whopping 2,500 entries!!!

But what would a puzzle be without an answer?  Here are the solutions to all the clues.

22 March

Playing forGiimmo Nighlight


Winner:  Rebecca Girvan

Hint #1, make sure you are checking all your options. 
Hint #2 It's on a product that has four parts to it.
Hint #3 There's no smell for this option.
Hint #4 Botty plus three more, you have to click to find the chick!


RevealMade4Baby Gift Pack.  You had to click on the Fragrance Free option and the product picture changed to reveal the chick



23 March

Playing forSKIP*HOP Swipes Case

Winner:  Renee Potter

Hint #1 Paint me a picture of love.
Hint #2 Fits bumps and boobs and is sexy too.

RevealHOTmilk Portrait of Desire Nightie.   You had to change the size to XL to reveal the chick

24 March

Playing forZora's Rainbow


Winner:  Louise Massey

Hint #1 Sounds good enough to eat!
Hint #2 Take a close up look to reveal the chook.
Hint #3 Also a popular ice cream flavour, needs a click to reveal the chick ;
Hint #4 It's not for the top half!

Cake Lingerie Cookies N Cream underwear.   You had to click on the product image or enlarge the shot to reveal the chick

25 March

Playing forAmber Teething Necklace


Winner:  Lauren Moore

Hint #1 Could these be bedtime sugar buns?  (sugar = sweet, buns = cheeks)
Hint #2 A baby bag, but not for carrying!
Hint #3 It's all in the colour you choose

RevealSweetcheeks Merino Sleeping Bag.   You had to select the Flax option to reveal the chick

26 March

Playing forDiinglisaar Wild Cuddle Blanket

Winner:  Asta Lott

Hint #1 Bag be sly possibly.  (Bag be sly is an anagram of Babylegs)
Hint #2 A changing pic will reveal the chick!
Hint #3 More than one for arms and legs?
Hint #4 inside a show of socks without feet
Hint #5 Make sure you stop to watch the show of ways to wear 

RevealBabylegs Multi Pack.   You had to watch the changing photo slide show.  Photo 8 revealed the chick



27 March

Playing forBaby Caterpillar Beanie & Booties

Winner:  Sarah Price

Hint #1 Inside framed a mum perhaps.  (the answer's in the clue - framed a mum = Ameda)
Hint #2 Moo x 2
Hint #3 Express yourself?
Hint #4 look for a double that's WHO code compliant 

RevealAmeda Purely Yours Double Breast Pump.   You had to click on the image to reveal the chick


28 March

Playing for:  3 x Pairs of HOTmilk underwear

Winner:  Kyra van der Wetering

Hint #1 With great expectations, I carry. (great expecations is the full name for the brand gr8x)
Hint #2 Check your options for a food coloured bag?
Hint #3 It's red and white and black inside.
Hint #4 looks gr8 on your shoulder!

Revealgr8x Hobo Deluxe Nappy Bag.   You had to select the Olive colour to reveal the chick


29 March

Playing forSmart Mum Teething Necklace


Winner:  Leonie Climo

Hint #1 Liking mother lie, mixed up. She hungered?  (Liking mother lie is an anagram of HOTmilk Lingerie) (She hungered = she craved)
Hint #2 No drop down on this one
Hint #3 What is your size?
Hint #4 Pickles and ice cream, check all your options. 

RevealHOTmilk She Craved Maternity Bra.   You had to change the size to size 14D to reveal the chick 


30 March

Playing forA stunning set of Cake Lingerie

:  Joanna Burston

Hint #1 Starry, starry night - to wear
Hint # 2 Expand the way you look at this to see the chick.
Hint #3 Front to back to hip for me
Hint #4 In a Galaxy far far away? 

RevealERGObaby Carrier in Galaxy Grey Stars.   You had to click on the product image to reveal the chick 

31 March

Playing forBabylegs Multi Pack

Winner:  Lucy Sullivan-Tew

Hint #1 Her belly toss, upset. (Her belly toss is an anagram of Brolly Sheets)
Hint #2 A double single or a single double?
Hint #3 you have to watch this clue!
Hint #4 An umbrella for a bed perhaps. 

RevealBrolly Sheets Single Size Double Pack.   You had to watch the video in the product information to see the chick.


1 April

Playing for:  Amber Teething Necklace

Winner:   Kerryn Findlater

Hint #1  The perfect gift for any new mum
Hint #2 In the Zoo with Camo, Pink and more?
Hint #3 There are 4 per pack.
Hint #4 A den and an AIS?  (The answer is there! Aden & Anais)

RevealAden+Anais Muslin Wraps.   You had to click on the image of the Mum and baby to reveal the chick


Voucher Chick

Playing for$100 Belly Beyond Gift Voucher

Winner:   Megan McNaughton

Hint #1 Could it be you?
Hint #2 It's gonna be real!
Hint #3 Genuine female parent quest?

RevealSearch for Real New Zealand Mums.   You had to enlarge the photo to reveal Voucher chick!

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