Cupcake Solutions Page

CupcakeArtwork_Small1.jpgThe Great Cupcake Hunt (don't say that too fast!) on the Belly Beyond Facebook page is proving again, what fun can be had with cryptic clues.

What's a puzzle without an answer?  Here are the solutions to completed days so far.

Day 1

Playing for:   Boon Fluid Toddler Cup

Winner: Laura

Clue #1 Do a liquid mini too, scrambled  (an anagram!)
Clue #2 A 60th anniversary
bed cover bag perhaps?
Clue #3 This nappy bag sounds like a duvet.
Clue #4 Take a really close look at the photo

RevealOiOi Diamond Quilt Hobo Nappy Bag  You had to zoom the product image to reveal the cupcake

Day 2

Playing forIsoki Smockette Set

Winner:  Juliet van der Heijden

Clue #1 A tiny pregnant robber?
Clue #2 Bamboo for your tummy maybe
Clue #3 The smallest option I reckon
Clue #4 It's all white, really.

RevealBelly Bandit.   You had to change the colour to white and size XS to reveal the cupcake

Day 3

Playing for:  Babylegs

Winner:  Sally Walmsley

Clue #1: A yeti hit lipstick aback, messed up. (an anagram)
Clue #2:  ♫ Now I know my ... ♫
Clue #3: Remove it, peel it, play with it, wipe it, love it
Clue #4: It's not under the tiki

RevealStickytiki Alpahbet   You had to click on the words banner and the cupcake photo popped up

Day 4

Playing forBoon Ladybug Pod!

Winner:  Bobbie Harvey

We warned everyone we had a devious plan!  Here's how to solve the very tough cupcake from Day 4. 

Clue #1 The leaders of comfort and kind experience - it's new. (the leaders of the words = CAKE)
Clue #2 A bad 80's wedding dress? A meringue of course!
Clue #3 Not the Boyleg, but a middle size yes.   Selecting option Brief size M revealed a clue photo

Reveal: The above clues took you to Cake Lingerie Meringue Brief size M.  On that option was a photo clue marked "Cup(cake) size B-G, Hidden in the great cupcake bra itself"  Both clues pointing you to Cake Lingerie Plum Pudding Bra

Clue #4 Read the "Keep Looking photo" to know where to go next.  (as explained above)

Bonus Clue: is that a smudge on your screen or the cupcake lady? Click to see!
Bonus Clue 2: What lies between You work hard and You deserve it

RevealYou had to click on the tiny image embedded into the Plum Pudding Bra product text on the line of green text reading "You work hard - you deserve it".  Once clicked the Cupcake image popped up!

Day 5

5496 150.jpgPlaying forCapceco Placenta Planting Pack

Winner:  Emma Worden

Clue #1 A bag inside poi oil.  The words poi oil contain the clue OiOi
Clue #2 A lining of lime green - "yummy"  The link to the cupcake was under the word Yummy
Clue #3 A good bag for Messages perhaps?

Reveal:   OiOi Grey Dot Green Messenger  The best selling OiOi bag ever.  Hidden underneather the Free Gift  photo was the word "yummy".  Clicking on that revealed the Cupcake Lady.


Day 6

Playing forOlli & Lime Change Mat Billie

Winner:  Nicole Webber

Clue #1 No petrol? But thats great! (the product to find has no petroleum products in it)
Clue #2 The capital of Fiji to start, NA to end.  Capital of Fiji is Suva+NA = Suvana
Clue #3 Where you tell us what you think of a product?  The link was hidden in the Review part of the product.

Reveal:   Suvana Organic PawPaw Ointment Balm  In the review section was a link TGCH and clicking on that revealed the Cupcake Lady.

Day 7

Playing forMade4Baby Gift Pack

Winner:  Emily Strang

Clue #1 Sweet & Sweet to carry?   dulce&zoet means sweet and sweet in the creators mother tongues
Clue #2 Is it ex-excel?   lead you to the XXL size
Clue#3 Its found near Tiki and Aotearoa   Both colour varities in the dulce&zoet sling
Clue #4 Have you 'clicked' to the right size - the size chart could help!

Revealdulce&zoet baby slings   In the size chart, click on XXL and the cupcake lady popped up!

Day 8

giraffeboy.jpgPlaying for:  gr8x Swaddling Wrap

Winner:  Samantha Cairns

Clue #1 Bag Billy Mutes, all shook up  (Bag Billy Mutes is an anagram of Babylegs Multi)
Clue #2 Would an octopus need 4 pairs?
Clue #3 The Cupcake hides in ways to wear (leading you to the slideshow on that page)
Clue #4 Arms or legs from teeny to teen.

RevealBabylegs Multi Pack.  The Cupcake image was hidden within the scrolling slide show of ways to wear!

Day 9

Playing forNoo Dress Up Outfit

Winner:  Vivienne Oliver

Clue #1 Sounds like a Reindeer chair?  (a Cariboo Lounger, eg sounds like a Caribou also known as a Reindeer!
Clue#2 Inside a Car I booked (Literally inside the clue 'Inside a [Car I Boo]ked')
Clue #3 An untampered beige option (Untampered = Natural, Beige = Taupe)
Clue#4 Our comp page could lead you there (big image of Cariboo products on our comp page)

RevealCariboo Lounger.  Click on the Natural/Taupe option in the colour chart and the Cupcake Lady would pop up!

Day 10

Playing forTummy Tie

Winner:  Kieren Streifler

Clue #1 Romp a warm bag within, messy (Romp a warm bag within, is an anagram for Womama Birthing Wrap)
Clue #2 It's a wrap but there's no snap
Clue #3 Have you checked the sizing? 
Clue #4 A little black dress, for belly, for birth, for beyond


RevealWomama Birthing Wrap.  Change to size 16 and the picture changes to the Cupcake Lady.

Day 11

Playing for:  Willow Rattle

Winner:  Amy Thomsen


RevealPreggi Bellies DVD!  click in the * at the bottom of the page and the Cupcake Lady pops up.

Day 12

Amber_Teething_Necklace_1.jpgPlaying for:  2 x Amber Teething Necklaces

Winners:  Darren Honeyfield and Louisa Rowell

Clue #1: Sounds like a sound system for change? (bbox = sound system, for change = nappy change!)
Clue #2 Mother and baby hold the key, watch and hover. 
Clue #3 In the revolving Stars?

(Clue 2 and 3 encouraged you to look at the revolving slide show of the Stars style bbox)
Clue #4 Not the C-Carton for nappies

Reveal:  Bbox Change Box hold your mouse over the image of the Mum and Baby in the slideshow and click to reveal the Cupcake lady.


QUICK-ENTRY $50 Coupon Winner is:

Kirsteen McDonald