Belly Beyond Layby Terms & Conditions



1.1 Our layby service is available for New Zealand orders exceeding $100

1.2 Our layby service is not available on gift vouchers


2.1 The purchase price (including delivery charges) for layby merchandise must be paid in equal instalments on:

(a) the order date; and

(b) the balance paid in four equal amounts each week following order date.

By way of example, if you order and select to pay by layby on 2 February for a purchase price (including delivery charges) of $200, you must pay the price in five equal instalments of $40 each on 2 February, 9 February, 16 February, 23 February and 2 March.

2.2 All instalments must be paid by credit card or direct credit. You will provide us with details of your credit card and authorise us to debit such card for each instalment on the relevant date mentioned in clause 2.1 above. Please note that, in certain cases, a transaction may not be processed for up to 48 hours after the relevant date.

2.3 In order to obtain earlier delivery of layby merchandise, you may at any time choose to prepay the outstanding balance of the purchase price.
If you would like to do this, please call our contact us on 09 412 7141.

Variations and Cancellation

3.1 You may, at any time before the purchase price has been paid in full and for any reason, cancel the layby by giving to us notice to that effect.  Similarly, we may cancel the layby if an instalment is not paid on the relevant date mentioned in clause 2.1 above.  However, we will endeavour to contact you before doing so.

3.2 On cancellation by either you or us, we will credit your credit card for the amount of any payments you have made, less an admin fee of $25 (being an estimate of our selling costs in respect of the layby merchandise).

3.3 You are not able to vary a layby in any way.  For example, you cannot remove individual items of merchandise from a layby, add further merchandise to an existing layby, or convert an existing order into a layby. Further, we will not pass on to you any price reductions or offers which may apply to merchandise at any time after the order date.

Property, delivery and returns

4.1 The layby merchandise will remain our property until the purchase price is paid in full.

4.2 We will deliver the layby merchandise to you in accordance with our usual delivery policies once the purchase price has been paid in full.

4.3 For the avoidance of doubt, our usual returns policies will apply to the layby merchandise.

Layby sales act 1971

We will comply in all respects with the Layby Sales Act 1971.


In these Terms, "purchase price" includes, except where indicated otherwise, our delivery charges, "we", "our" and "us" means Belly Beyond Limited and "you" means our customer.

Layby enquiries

If you have any enquiries about our layby service, please phone us on 09 412 7141 or email us at