Amber Teething Necklace Testimonials


We receive countless emails as well as posts on our Facebook page about our Amber Teething Necklaces - here's a sample:

Hi there I put an Amber necklace on my son(13.5weeks) a few weeks ago as I read they can help with digestion as well my poor little man has Reflux - he spills less now and although he's on medication he has been for since he was 3weeks old the less spilling is only a more recent occurence so I I am sure it's going to be awesome once that teething stage kicks in too!
I swear they work. Kate lost hers (remember me frantically getting hold of you to buy another) when she was cutting eye teeth and we had 3 days of teething HELL until we found the old one. We have finished teething now and it was relatively easy........
LOVE LOVE LOVE IT.... My daughter was a horrible teether, she turns purple, dribbles like a demon, hardly sleeps and sooks all day.  Bought an amber teething necklace she got rosy cheeks instead of a purple face, she slept through (necklace on her ankle) and although still dribbling it was nowhere near as much.

I can't rave about mine enough. Virtually no teething pain (or grizzles) sleeps 13-14 hours a night and 2-3 sleeps during day. Eczema cleared up 100% when we bought our repacemenr necklace from Belly Beyond. I would warn others to only buy from reputable stockists (like Belly Beyond). Our first one worked, but Wills eczema just improved, not disappeared, and the beads cracked which was very dangerous. LOVE IT!!
I love our Baltic Amber necklace. With my daughter she was very unsettled with teeth moving under the gum - crying, biting, refusing feeds. But after using the necklace it changed everything. She was a happier baby and feed like a dream. She has worn it everyday since she was 3 months old and she is a bouncing toddler with eye teeth coming through. Best buy!
My daughter has been wearing one since she was 3 months old (early moving teeth) and so far the movement has only bothered her a couple of times that we have needed to give her pamol - once before we got the necklace and twice when I forgot to put the necklace on her.
Less dribbling, and the dribble rash went. All the teeth have come through without any drama. Our daughter has been wearing hers since before her first tooth. We used to take it off overnight, but when four teeth were coming through at the same time, and she began waking several times at night, we put it on 24/7 and she was sleeping through again straight away.
I have been told nothing but good things from fellow mums about them. After putting up with my poor daughters unconsolable teething with tooth number 2 coming through at 7months I finally invested in one! Thinking of getting one of the adult ones for myself and partner now :) Great investment!

No red cheeks at all and no temps at all!
Have 2 kids wearing wears her just for the excessive dribble she has..nothing else was working! My soon to be 2 yr old has worn his since he was 8months old..I'd rather use a teething necklace then drug the poor child!