Breast milk storage - storing expressed breast milk FAQ

How long does expressed breast milk last?

Well that depends entirely on how you store it.

What type of container should I store breast milk in?

You can store expressed breast milk in

How do I store breast milk?

You can store it in a cooler, in the fridge in the freezer or in the deep freeze.

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How do I prepare expressed breast milk?

If breast milk is frozen, then you can thaw it in the fridge.  Be aware that this method does take quite a while to defrost so you can also put it into a jug of warm water if you need it to thaw faster.

Heating breast milk

Put the breast milk into a sterilised bottle and place that into a mug of hot water.  Make sure you give it a bit of a swoosh around because you may find that it has separated and that's ok - it does that when the fat rises to the top.

The temperature is right when it feels warm on the inside of your wrist when you shake a few drops on.

It's not recommend to microwave breastmilk because it destroys all the goodness!  

Our kids liked breastmilk at room temperature rather than heated and on a hot day they were known to have it cold.