ERGO Baby Heart 2 Heart Infant Insert

The Original Infant Insert supported your baby with both feet to the one side in a sling like, cradle position. The contributions from research studies, customer feedback, chiropractic support and working directly with newborns, led ERGObaby to create a new insert that would allow the carrying of your baby in the tummy to tummy position, withbaby close to your heart. Introducing the new Heart to Heart insert!

The new innovative design promotes healthy maturation of the spine by supporting the pelvis, hip joints and leg position rather than putting your baby in a compromising sitting or hanging positions before the spine is ready. The insert has a specially padded and shaped cushion that can be quickly and easily placed in the carrier and readjusted or folded to pad just the right places for your infant to ensure optimal support for the natural curvature of a baby’s developing spine. .The ERGObaby Infant Insert Heart to Heart also supports the safety of the baby’s head and neck in this critical stage of development. Thanks to the ERGObaby Infant Insert Heart to Heart and Carrier in combination, you can carry your newborn close to your heart so you can remain attentive to your little ones needs and at the same time continue daily activities.


While wearing babies in the vertical front carry position, ERGObaby advocates facing the baby inward, towards the parent. Dr. Evelin Kirkilionis describes it best in her book “A Baby Wants To Be Carried”:

“Infants in outward-facing orientations can’t turn away from surrounding stimuli…that become overwhelming. In this position the baby cannot make eye contact with his or her parent to evaluate facial expressions, social cues, and so forth to make assessment of the situation. Only choose a baby carrier that allows your child to face you…never out.”

The ERGObaby Carrier with Infant Insert Heart to Heart truly is the only carrier you will need from newborn to toddler. The insert can be used from birth through to around 6 months of age.

You can see the Heart to Heart insert on our webpage here.

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