Everything you need to know about the brilliant Ergo Baby Carrier, at a glance.

Celebrity Ergo Baby Carrier Users

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Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr

Pink & Carey Hart

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Gisele Bundchen

Julia Roberts

Kerri Russel 

  Bridget Moynahan

Amanda Peet

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Many celebrity parents are clicking on to the comfort and ease of life with an ERGObaby Carrier.

Rockstar Pink and her husband Carey Hart, were spotted carrying 5 day old Willow in an Organic Chocolate ERGObaby Carrier and Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom and often seen using their ERGObaby in Navy.

Hollywood Golden Girl Julia Roberts was spotted carrying her son Henry (then 14 months) in a River Rock Seagreen Ergo Baby Carrier.  Henry slept soundly cuddled up to Mum while Julia got out and about in L.A.

The Ergo is fast gaining a huge celebrity following with more and more mums and dads choosing it as their option for easy travel with baby.  The award-winning Ergo can be worn in 3 different positions - front, back and hip - and is perfect from birth to preschool up to 18kgs. 

Ergo's revolutionary design has leading health endorsements for the way it promotes healthy spinal development for baby, and for the way it distributes baby's weight evenly for the parents.

Ergo Baby Carrier Fact Sheet

The Ergo Baby offers 3 comfortable carrying positions - front, back and hip.

Great Capacity
The 18kg weight limit makes the Ergo Baby perfect for newborns to 3-4 year olds.

Ergo Baby is blazing a trail of awards and was the only carrier to be voted one of the 'Top 20 Baby Products over the 20 Years' by Parenting US Magazine!  It was also listed in 'Best Baby Bargain of the Year' in the US for its versatility and longevity and 'Best Baby Gear' by HQ Magazine.

Revolutionary Design
The Ergo Baby has redefined comfort - the padded shoulder straps and wide waistband alleviate physical stress for parents.  Be amazed how light even your older child will feel.

The Ergo Baby supports baby's spine and hips in a seated position which prevents spinal compression.

Chiropractic Endorsed
The Ergo Baby is endorsed by well-known Chiropracter, Dr Bridie Cullinane, who highly recommends the Ergo Baby to her patients as a great start to life with baby.

Good Head Support
An adjustable sleeping hood keeps baby's head well aligned.

Travel Light
Lightweight, easy to pack and more secure than a hard-frame baby backpack.

Hands Free
The Ergo Backpack and Front Pouch accessories clip onto the Ergo Baby Carrier to keep your baby essentials close and your hands free.

Fair Trade Practises
Ergo Pty Ltd are committed to Fair Trade practices and have issued a statement regarding its manufacturing practices in China.  This can be viewed here

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