Ergo Frequently Asked Questions

What is the weight limit of the the Ergo Baby Carrier?
ERGOBaby recommends a weight limit of 20kg for its carrier, although it has been tested up to 40kgs. 

Why do I need an infant insert and how long do I use it?
The Ergo infant insert was designed for use with newborns to age 4-6 months.  It supports your baby's head and neck as well as spine and hips during those first crucial months of development until your little one develops head and torso control.

Can I wear my baby facing out in the front carry position?
No.  The Ergo Baby is not designed to be used with the child facing out.  This is for several reasons, the most crucial being that in an outward facing position the little one is usually hung by the crotch in 'parachute' style carry which c an put pressure on the vertebrate and hip joints.  The Ergo Baby Carrier's ergonomic design supports a correct sitting position for the baby's hip, pelvis and spine growth.  This is a healthier and more comfortable seated position for your baby as opposed to being hung by the crotch.

If the carrier fits me will it also fit my husband?
You bet.  The Ergo Baby Carrier is great for both mum and dad.  The general range is between women slightly over 5' and men up to 6'5''.  The carrier adjusts at the waist, shoulder straps and chest straps which allows for many size options.  The Ergo Baby Carrier Waist extension strap extends the carriers waist belt circumference by 20cm from 110cm to 130cm.

The ERGObaby Sport carrier is an good option for heftier Dads but also fits petite people as well.  See our comments regarding sizing on the ERGO Baby Sport Carrier here

Do I need someone to help me get my child into the carrier?
You can definitely get the child into the carrier by yourself without the help of anyone.  Each carrier comes with an instructional DVD that will assist you while you practise a few times with the help of someone.  It also helps to practise in front of a mirror so you and the baby can make visual connection with what you are doing.  It takes a small amount of practise but isn't difficult to master.

What age is best to move my baby to the back carry position?
This is an individual developmental process for our babies.  Usually around 5-6 months is when baby has developed torso control and a child will be happy moving to your back, although we know mums who have happily changed their little ones to back carry at 4 months.   Bouncing and movement will help calm a fussy baby.

I have a framed backpack carrier and wonder how the Ergo carrier compares with it?
The Ergo Baby Carrier is more portable because it is lightweight and can be folded up when not in use.  From a comfort perspective, the Ergo is far more comfortable because it holds the baby closer to your centre of gravity, thus making the baby feel lighter.  It distributes the baby's weight directly to your hips which enables the comfortable carrying of even older children.

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