Health Professional Endorsements for the ERGO Baby Carrier

"I am very happy to recommend the Ergo Baby Carrier to my patients because it is designed to care for both parent and baby. The design allows optimal weight distribution for the comfort of the wearer, reducing stress on the spine and shoulders. The design also allows a safe carrying position for the baby.

Many health professionals, including myself, share a concern that many baby carriers on the market today load the baby's spine prematurely. This may cause long-term damage to the spine.

The Ergo Baby Carrier supports the baby's weight through the upper thigh rather than weighting the spine. It also offers total support of the baby's head and neck, allowing for safe handsfree carrying.

As a chiropractor my primary focus is on caring for the spine and nervous system and allowing my patients to develop to their full potential. The Ergo Baby Carrier offer a great start to life for your baby."

Dr Bridie Cullinane is from ‘Peak Potential Chiropractic’  Bridie.jpg( and is a renowned speaker on the subjects of preconception health care, pregnancy, neonatal and paediatric health care. Dr Cullinane is Co-author of the International

Bestseller 'The World's Best Kept Health Secret Revealed' and is also the current Telstra-Panasonic Victorian Young Business Woman of the Year!

“As a chiropractor and mother I highly recommend the Ergo baby carrier. The design creates optimal positioning for the baby, reducing unnecessary
stress to the spine and creating a leg position that is ideal for healthy maturation of the hip joint.

The wearer of the Ergo is also comfortable, with the child’s weight being distributed evenly, thus reducing stress to the wearer’s spine. This eliminates the "tight neck and shoulders" that many of my patients complain of after using other baby carriers on the market. There are also many benefits to the baby facing inward whether on front or back.

I love my Ergo and am thrilled to have such an amazing product that I can provide to patients and/or visitors to my office. My son Jackson also LOVES the Ergo! When he sees it I have to smile as he hands it to me and says, "back, back?" he climbs on my back and off we go!”

Dr. Shannon Eyford, owner of "The Health Connection", Tacoma, Washington

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