Heart stopper challenge for Heart Kids

Lou from Belly Beyond teamed up with Lou from Rockstar PR and Ricky, a new friend - he is the husband of one of the Belly Beyond page fans on Facebook!  Good on ya mate, fantastic effort. 

Please support the cause by making a donation at the Heartstopper Challenge site here

A message from Lou at Rockstar PR

One visit at Starship Hospital was all it took for us to want to help HeartChildren NZ!

12 babies every week are born with broken hearts! Imagine a two day old baby having to go through such intense surgery! And we, as adults sometimes say we are scared of the dentist or of getting injections - imagine being so tiny and defenseless, being packed full of ice and going through major heart surgery - AT TWO DAYS OLD!

It really puts our fears into perspective!

So, like last year, we are doing it again - We're going to be incredibly uncomfortable for five minutes, sitting in a freezing cold spa pool.

Obviously, this action isn't going to save all the babies, but you flashing your cash at HeartChildren NZ will certainly make a dent in the huge bills for the families in need!

Our goal is to raise $1000. Will you help us?

Lou Draper186