Is it safe to wear an underwire bra in pregnancy?

Is it Safe to Wear an Underwired Maternity / Nursing Bra?

From a health standpoint, wearing a flexible under wire maternity/nursing bra is fine. It not only provides good shape but also helps provide lift and support.

Restriction of blood flow and milk production seen to lead to clogged ducts or mastitis is possible even with a non underwire bra, should the breast tissue be restricted or constricted.

It is important that both underwire and non-underwire bras are comfortable when worn and fit correctly. The bra cups (bottom and sides) should sit underneath and around the breast and not on it. The side of the bra cups should encompass the breast rather than having the it digging into the breast tissue.

A tip would be to not wear an under wired bra during the weeks when the milk is coming in. Generally this takes place a week prior to birth and a week after birth. This will allow the breasts to settle due to the fluctuation in the size of the breasts during this period.