Zacorange_sling1.jpgThe practice of Babywearing may be as old as human kind but it fits in so well with a busy modern lifestyle. Babywearing is beneficial for baby, it’s good for parents (studies show it lowers the risk of PND) and it’s becoming a way of life for an increasing number of Kiwi families.

The term Babywearing is simply the practice of carrying or wearing your baby in a carrier and more and more parents are cottoning on to how much easier life is - their babies cry less, are more content and enjoy being included in family life. Babywearing is not about having your child attached to you 24 hours a day but modern instinctive parenting which is mostly common sense.

Babies of all ages thrive on cuddles and attention. How many times have you tried to put your little one down only to have them cry to be picked back up? Babywearing skips that whole yo-yo process – by putting them in the carrier with you, the child receives the close cuddle and interaction they need and you are hands-free and able to get on with things.

A baby sling was my very first purchase for baby when I was about 13 weeks pregnant. The thought of being hands-free while carrying my bErgo_swing.JPGaby appealed to my practical nature and I liked the fabrics and the simplicity. Little did I know it would become a way of life and the catalyst of a business specialising in the best baby carriers on the market.

Slings are very versatile and can be used from newborn right up to 2 years + When my son was a newborn I could breastfeed in public and no one else was any wiser that I even had a little one with me. As he grew, he happily sat on my hip and would charm all who met him – he loved being up on their level rather than sitting in a pram at bum height! When he was too heavy to carry comfortably in the sling for long period of time I swapped to the ERGOBaby Carrier. The Ergo can be used from newborn to 3+ and can be worn in front, hip or back carry. One of my favourite things about the Ergo is the ability to swap from back to front carry – means I can breastfeed on the go which is handy when chasing around after a pre-schooler! So here are my top 10.

10 Reasons to Babywear

1) Baby is happy. Their natural need to be close to you is met and happy baby = happy Mama

2) You are hands-free. Life doesn’t have to stop because baby needs a cuddle (this is especially meaningful when you have more than one child!)

3) Baby can sleep anywhere or on anyone in the right carrier

4) Perfect for ‘the witching hour’

5) Correct anatomical positioning for baby's precious hips and spine

6) Breastfeeding is easy and it’s private

7) Freedom to go wherever you wish - you won’t be hindered by, or even need, a pram

8) Great for colicky or reflux babies. Upright is a perfect position to keep nasty stomach acid down where it should be.

9) Babywearing is a great way for Dads to bond with baby

10) Perfect for travel. The Ergo, Popit Wrap and the dulce&zoet slings contain no metal so won’t set off the metal detectors at the airport!

A note regarding front packs:  The carriers we provide at Belly Beyond (ERGObaby and ERGObaby Sport, baby slings, and Popit Wraps are soft carriers designed to support your baby's spine and hips.   Conversely, frontpack type carriers (you know the one where baby faces out like they are about to take a tandem skydive aren't generally endorsed by Babywearing experts.  Hanging your baby by their crotch is not a recommended way to carry your child so when looking for a carrier ensure that it supports their hips and spine in the physiologically natural ‘frog’ position – with wide spread, supported under flexed knees and facing towards the parent.