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Top Secret Sale



HALF PRICE Coccoon Couture  468x620EarlyBirdGiraffe_thumb.jpgcocoon_couture_GreenToucan_thumb.jpgNavyMonkey_thumb.jpg(save $65)

Psst, pass it on.  'To celebrate the launch of our new "My Room" section we are having a sale on all our gorgeous Cocoon Couture Bean Bags.  There are 16 colours available in 6 different styles and they are ideal for kids of all ages!

Uncover the code in our TOP SECRET sale


Still can't see your coupon code above? (well it is a Top Secret Sale so we can hardly just spill the beans) ha ha bean bags geddit?  But don't panic - there are other ways.  Follow us on Twitter and we will be tweeting the code periodically throughout the next few days!  Once you've uncovered the code, you can enter it into the coupon box at checkout and save a massive 50% off our new Cocoon Couture range.  

Test your friends - send this email on and see how many of them can figure it out.  But don't shag about - the coupon code could self destruct at any time!  No limit of number of redeems but stock is limited so as always it's first in, first served.