Video How to put your little one into an Ergo Baby Carrier or a dulce & zoet baby sling

Important:  always take care when putting your baby into any carrier that the device straps (if any) are fastened securely and pulled tight.  We recommend to keep at least one hand on the baby at all times when putting baby in and out of any carrier and to check baby is secure before you let your hands go.  No liability is accepted by Belly Beyond for injury while using these demonstration videos.  The safety of your child remains your responsibility.


1.  ERGO baby Sport
2.   dulce&zoet sling, newborn carry      3.  Ergo Baby Carrier, newborn with infant insert
4.   dulce&zoet sling, toddler hip carry   5.  Ergo Baby Carrier, toddler back carry
6.   Ergo Baby Carrier, toddler front carry
7.   Ergo Baby Carrier, alternate back carry