Whats the difference between the ERGO and the ERGO Sport?


We get asked this question a lot. They are the exact same concept in carrier with a few minor differences:
  1. ERGOsport (pictured on the right) is slightly lighter than the standard ERGO. It's made from 35% cotton, 65% polyester blend which makes it lighter in weight and feel. The standard is 100% cotton.
  2. The ERGOsport carrier has a vent which is great for extra breathability in hot weather.
  3. The ERGOsport waist band can be extended a further 10cms. The standard ERGO still fits relatively big people (XXL) and there is always the extender belt that can be used with both carriers which adds an extra 20cm.
  4. The ERGOsport shoulder straps can be extended an extra 12cms
  5. The ERGOsport does not have the pocket the standard ERGO has. It's only a small pocket but very handy for phone carkeys, or small wallet. You can always use the Front Pouch add-on of course too.
  6. The ERGOsport hood can be detached.

Which one is better?

Both of them! They really are both great baby carriers and it's just personal preference. I have both the ERGO Standard and the ERGObaby sport and use them almost every day. (one's in the car, one's in the house)

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