Use this Guide to help you choose the right breast pump for your situation

freestyle05.jpgThe Belly Beyond Medela Breast Pump Selector

The Medela range of breast pumps and accessories have a solution for every situation and budget.

You might need a discreet breastpump you can take with you when out and about.  Or you might want to be able to express both breasts at the same time and halve your pumping time.  This handy guide helps to work out which pump is likely to suit your intended use.  This guide is just that, a guide, and it is recommended that mothers consult with us to make the correct choice for their individual situation.

Occasional Use

Working part-time

First Choice:   Swing, Mini-Electric, Mini-Electric Plus

Second Choice: Harmony


Daily Use

Working full-time

First Choice: Freestyle, Pump in Style Advanced

Second Choice:  Swing


Medical Reasons

Premature or hospitalised baby

First Choice: Symphony

Second Choice: Lactina

Low milk supply

First Choice: Symphony

Second Choice:Lactina

Latch-on problems or breast infection

First Choice: Symphony, Pump in Style Advanced, Swing

Second Choice: Lactina

Sore nipples or engorgement

First Choice: Symphony, Swing

Second Choice: Lactina, Mini-Electric, Mini-Electric Plus

Drawing out flat or inverted nipples

First Choice: Harmony

Second Choice: Swing, Mini-Electric, Mini-Electric Plus