ERGOBaby Heart2Heart Infant Insert Instructions

The ERGObaby Heart2Heart Infant Insert is designed to make babywearing with your infant easy, safe, and healthy for both parents and babies. It should be used from newborn until baby has strong head and neck control, usually at about 4-5 months.

With the awareness that your baby's spine and nervous system are the most vital and important systems in their developing body, ERGObaby have created what we believe is an optimal way to support that development.

Please read the following instructions to assure that the Heart2Heart Infant Insert is being used correctly:
  1. When using the ERGObaby Heart2Heart Infant Insert, be sure that your baby is perched on the edge of the bottom cushion, not sitting as he or she would in a chair. At this point in infancy, your baby's body is not ready to sit in a weight-bearing manner. With this in mind, the purpose of the bottom support cushion is to naturally assist the buttocks into a position that will prevent your baby's spine from rounding or slouching backwards. This perched position will take any unnecessary pressure off of your baby's spine.
  2. Once your baby is situated in the ERGObaby Carrier, slide your hands in through the sides, between the carrier and the Insert. With your hands around your baby’s waist, thumbs in front and fingers in back, push your thumbs DOWN and your fingers UP, tilting your baby’s pelvis TOWARD you. Feel with your hands that their legs are comfortably positioned. Be sure that the waist belt of the carrier is tightened securely around you so that there is no gap between the carrier's belt and your body.

If you are experiencing challenges, here are some helpful suggestions for questions you may have.

Baby “standing up” in insert:
If your baby’s legs are strong enough to be “standing up” in the carrier then your baby is old enough to have the legs in a spread position which you can assist by gently bringing the feet out of the carrier. The baby’s feet should be on the outer side of the baby carrier and the feet should not be leveraged on the edge of the waist belt.

Long baby:
Before putting baby in the ERGObaby Heart2Heart Infant Insert, make sure the insert is extended and stretched to its fullest length while baby is lying flat. When putting baby and into the carrier, hold top of carrier taut with one hand while pushing cushion down into pouch of carrier. Place baby’s bottom on the edge of bottom cushion in a perched position, ensuring that he is not slouched into the Insert. Once the carrier is in place and fastened securely, gently assist baby in spreading legs slightly.

Baby’s legs won’t fit around your body, and baby seems uncomfortable:
Ensure that baby is perched on the edge of the bottom cushion of the Insert, rather than slouching in a seated position. This will allow the baby’s hips to be in an optimal spread position. Please review instruction #2 above for a description of the correct positioning.

You can see the new Heart to Heart insert on our webpage here.

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