How to apply RoomMates Wall Decals

How To Apply Wall Decals

Whether this is your first time applying wall decals or you've done it before, application is meant to be simple. Always remember, just peel and stick! Your wall sticker sheets may also include numbers (depending on the complexity of the design) next to each cut out wall decal to help guide you to build your decal and know which sticker to place on the wall first, second, third and so on. Follow our guide below as we walk you through the steps of how to apply wall decals. 

A Step By Step Guide To Apply Wall Decals


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Your RoomMates wall decals will arrive printed on one or more sheets and packaged in a protective plastic shell. Open the packaging and remove the sheets. Spread them out on a flat surface near your desired location of application.

Peel the first decal from the sheet. It should remove easily from the liner. If handling a large design, consider recruiting a second person to hold the opposite end of your decal so that the two sides do not stick together. Bring the decal to the wall. Slowly smooth the design from top to bottom, pressing down firmly. Ensure that the entire decal makes contact with the wall or surface, and that no air bubbles are trapped beneath the sticker.

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Examine the placement of your wall decal. If the applied element needs to be moved, simply peel it away from the wall and re-apply. The decal will remove and re-apply easily regardless of how many times this process is repeated Repeat steps 2-4 until you have applied all included wall decals, or (if you are assembling a large design from multiple pieces) completed the application of your giant wall decal. If you need to move your decals, simply peel them away from the wall and place them back on their liners (or wax paper). Roll up the sheets and store them somewhere safe until they are needed again.

Where To Apply Wall Decals

Have questions on where to apply wall decals?
One of our most popular questions we are asked is "where can I apply apply decals." We have the answers for you right here. Learn which surfaces are the best for wall decals and which surfaces are not as good.

More helpful information we'll tell you includes:
  • Surfaces you can apply wall decals to
  • Surfaces you should not apply wall decals to
  • How to handle freshly painted walls


Where can I apply RoomMates?

RoomMates wall decals go beyond the walls! You can place them on any smooth, flat, finished surface. This includes windows, bathrooms, doors, mirrors, whiteboards, furniture, lockers, laptops, iPads… practically anywhere you can think of.

Where shouldn't I apply RoomMates?

Rugs, fabrics, clothing, or other textiles are out of the question. The fibers can render the adhesive backing. We also do not recommend applying our decals to brick, cinder block, or other porous surfaces.
We highly recommend avoiding the application of RoomMates on lacquered furniture, as well as any surface regularly exposed to extreme heat or cold, since this can cause the decals to become chipped, brittle, or difficult to remove. Also, never place items decorated with RoomMates in a dishwasher, oven, or microwave.

Can I apply RoomMates to textured surfaces?

We guarantee RoomMates wall decals will stick to smooth, flat surfaces but cannot guarantee they will stick to textured surfaces. If you have a texture surface, we can send a sample decal out your way to test before purchase. Please note, we do not provide refunds for wall decals that do not stick to a textured surface. To request a sample, contact us here.

Can I apply RoomMates in my bathroom?

Yes! As long as the decals are pressed firmly to your tub, tile, or walls, they will be unaffected by steam, humidity, and even direct moisture.

How about my car?

Yes—although, as noted above, exposure to extreme temperatures may cause the decals to become brittle. However, rain and snow will not affect a decal that is properly applied to either the windshield or bumper. 

Can I apply wall decals to a room I just painted?

There's a note on all RoomMates packaging that recommends a 3 week wait between painting and the application of wall decals. We're often asked "Are you serious?"—and we want to reiterate that we are 100% serious about this! In the past, we've found that nothing wrecks a wall decal faster than fresh paint.

Even if paint feels dry to the touch, it takes a very long time—sometimes several weeks, in fact—to "cure." If RoomMates are applied before the paint is completely cured, they may curl, peel, or fall off entirely... and it may take some of your paint with it. As a general rule, Do NOT apply wall decals on freshly painted or papered walls. Let paint or wallpaper dry for at least 3 weeks. Wall decals may not work on heavily textured surfaces.

We know it's hard to wait, but the last thing we want is for your brand new decal to fall off after you've applied it. So sit back, relax, and let that paint do its thing for a little while. (If you really want to see your new wall decal in action while you wait, you can always apply it somewhere else and move it once the paint has dried!)

Can decals be applied to painted walls with low VOCs?

In our current RoomMates Peel & Stick Trial that lasted over 120 days, we have applied wall decals to 18 different paints & primers. Several of these paints & primers are considered to be low VOC with their levels

Can I apply wall decals to furniture?

Yes, wall decals can be placed on furniture. Please note the following. The fading of furniture exposed to sunlight is not related to the use of our product. Do NOT apply wall decals to lacquered furniture. It is always best to test before applying to a delicate surface.