its ok. feed your baby

So World Breastfeeding Week kicks off 1 August - yay! We've launched a campaign of sorts of our own based on the shocking results to the breastfeeding questions in our recent customer survey (by the way, you guys gave us 99.99% for how happy you were with your order experience which we are absolutely thrilled with!)

Download a copy here

The image that's been used came about because we were having some shots done for a magazine article on Mums in Business (or Mumpreneurs as we call ourselves) and both our boys wanted to have a feed. Originally the shot was only ever going to be for our private album but on compiling the survey results we just felt compelled to do something to reassure other Mums that it really is ok to feed your baby, whenever they need to be fed!

We firmly believe that it shouldn't be a big deal to see a women breastfeeding, no matter how old her child is, and the more that it's seen in everyday life and in the media, the better.

Go forth and breast feed!!  Luv Heidi + Lou x