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Revolutionary design allowing instinctive breastfeeding

Minbie's revolutionary teat design allows your baby to bottle feed using the same instinctive breastfeeding technique they are born with, to provide a smooth and easy transition from breast to bottle to breast without causing nipple confusion.

Minbie's Newborn Feeding Kit is ideal for parents of a newborn baby, that want to introduce a bottle that works along side breastfeeding.

Comes with a 210 ml polypropylene bottle and 1 x 0+ Extra Slow Teat, use with expressed breast milk for top-up feeds while providing practice for a baby's instinctive breastfeeding reflex. 


  • Ideal for parents of newborns who find the need to introduce a bottle but who don’t want the bottle taking over from breastfeeding
  • Ideal to have as a back­up in case a bottle is needed during the newborn to 3 months stage
  • Ideal for using expressed breast­milk for top­ up feeds while protecting your baby’s instinctive breastfeeding reflex
  • Bottle is compatible with all Minbie teat’s
  • Safe to clean, store and transport


  • 1 x Extra slow flow soft silicone teat
  • 1 x 210ml Baby bottle and seal


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