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100% Natural, 100% Cool

Featuring a loose and boxy fit in the body, contrast colourblock sleeves, thick cuffs and waistband and an oversized chest pocket this top is the definition of cool.


  • Made from 100% lived in soft merino
  • Contrast pocket and colourblock sleeves
  • Raglan style
  • Limited edition

About Little Flock of Horrors

Made in the greatest little country in the world, right here in our little slice of paradise - New Zealand.

When people say that being a parent is the hardest job in the world, they’re not kidding. Little Flock of Horrors is inspired by Lucy & Francis's two monsters, Iggy and Frankie, and the parenting journey they continue to travel on while holding their sticky hands.

Hands down, merino is the best fabric for little monsters to wear. Forget everything you’ve come to know about traditional wool and get ready to have your world rocked by Little Flock.

LFOH is different. Using the world’s best fabric to produce a line of clothing that is on-trend, stylish and chic. 

LFOH is not about rainbows, unicorns, giggling kids, pink cupcakes with sprinkles or choo-choo trains driven by fat conductors or newborns sleeping on sheepskin rugs. Kids will be kids, as well as little monsters and they embrace it.  Their fabric is 100% honest, and so is the brand.

Merino is the best fabric on earth for kids because

  • It’s 100% natural, biodegradable, totally renewable and sustainable.
  • It naturally breathes and controls moisture (without yucky chemicals).
  • It’s hypoallergenic, antibacterial and antimicrobial.  No more kid stink!
  • Merino is super easy to wash and dry.


Benefits of Merino

Clean up
Merino allows most spills to be easily cleaned and wiped away. Monster dirt and grime does not easily stick to it and if grime does stick then just machine wash your LFOH clothing.
How Merino Makes Your Body Feel
Merino is a superior insulator and temperature regulator. What that means for you is that your little monster will stay comfortable longer no matter what the weather is like. This means less complaining and general grizzling by your little beast. Why? Well, merino is naturally breathable allowing heat and moisture to flow and with all of its micro-pores your little one’s temperature stays the same longer leaving them feeling drier and more comfortable.

UV rays
Merino absorbs UV rays from the sun – you know what that means.

Anti kid smell
That smell. That kid smell that starts to set in around age 2. Yeah, that smell doesn’t exist with merino. Little Flock garments are naturally odor resistant which means that it doesn’t allow kids stink to take hold of your little monster.

What does water have to do with it?
Maybe the most amazing feature of merino is that it holds water inside of its fiber while repelling water on its outside. This is usually a helpful feature for hikers that sweat and need ‘moisture wicking’, but we have first hand seen monsters pee through a diaper at night, have the bed around them wet, but are actually dry inside of their merino pj’s. For real.

Cold weather
Ok so maybe this is more amazing. In regards to cold weather, merino actually creates a small amount of heat in cold conditions. There is a natural reaction in merino when it is cold and moisture from your skin or a light shower is introduced to the fiber. The natural chemical reaction actually generates heat.

Warm weather
Merino will keep your monster cooler for longer when it is hot out.

Flames don’t stand a chance. In fact, many of the garments used by fire-fighters have merino woven into them because it is flame resistant and self extinguishing. Put a flame to it, I dare you. Just don’t try it with our merino because you’ll be able to hand those down to another young child when you get to the ‘giveaway phase’ of trying to hand off all of your old baby gear onto another unsuspecting family.

How it feels on your monster’s skin
I guess that another important point is that our merino is super soft. It doesn’t prickle at all and is hypo-allergenic.


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